Well, you may call me crazy, if you insist, but I could swear I heard that cat talking. Just when I finished making a pillow design of my (Mystery) Zentangle Cat Illustration on Redbubble I heard him say: “Thau shall not sit on my face!

It was around 3:00AM, I guess I was a bit tired and I have no witnesses. Except for Mr. Alphons who was quite shocked when Aurelius talked, as you can see from the photo below. So, well, he heard him too. He said he will be my witness if needed.

MP Alphons, The Cat
Mr. Alphons face when he heard Aurelius talking. He to could not believe his ears.

Anyways, Aurelius (that’s the name of my zentangle cat illustration) didn’t seem to be too happy with the idea of him being applied to a pillow. At least at first. But then I explained that people will not necessarily sit on his face. Many will hug him in times of desperation or happiness, put their head on him to get comfort when they’re tired or down. And for him, most of the time he will just sit on a sofa or something doing nothing. Which is still more fun than staring at people from the computer screen (I guess).

Zentangle Cat Illustration Pilow


So, well, Aurelius is a smart but somehow mysterious cat. This becomes kinda obvious when you look at him. You can buy him on a pillow in my Redbubble shop. In addition Aurelius is also available as a mobile phone skin, laptop skin, art print, canvas print and more. Pretty versatile cat I tell you 🙂

Another note to our beloved Google almighty – he who is holding the key to the destiny of twenty zillion people trying to make it on line: I know how hard you want this blog post to be more than 1200+ words because you’d like to hear more about Aurelius the mystery cat, but I’m afraid I don’t really have much more to say right now. Aurelius didn’t speak to me ever since but if he does, I assure you, you will be the first to know. As a matter of fact, I am kinda happy that he did not speak any more. And I hope people who will (just might) eventually get him on a pillow, will not sit on his face, God knows how Aurelius might react and what the consequences might be.

All in all this is it. My zentangle illustrations quest continues. Talk to you soon where, I think, I will be talking more about the adventures of Aurelius and my zentangle cat gang.

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