CatArt by bsilvia – Zentangle Cat. No. 2

I’m kinda loving it. This zentangle technique. Obviously because I was making one per day this week.

And, well, here goes another one. This time I also used some free helpers from someone else. I guess I wanted to explore how is it, for a change, to use some of the tools from other designers.

So, this background is a free deal from InkyDeals (free download link is a bit lower on their web page), it is a background generator and I used to to generate background for the Zentangle Cat No. 2.

OK. Naming cats by numbers is somheow dull, so let’s call him Aurelius.

Bust of Marcus Aurelius
Bust of Marcus Aurelius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CatArt by bsilvia – Zentangle Cat. No. 2

They look alike, isn’t it? 😀

Aurelius existed just in my head until today when he decided that he want’s to go out and see the world. And what better way to do that is than putting him on my blog. Aurelius looks somehow sad, I know, but that’s just a matter of moment. I guess when I was drawing him he was a bit sad, but I assure you, Aurelius is not sad by nature.

So, well, I’m glad you met him, he is certainly glad to see you. You may say “Hi!” to him in comments.

OK. I guess that’s it for now. Have a great weekend guys and talk to you soon.



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