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The announcements are not just informative but also a treasure trove of freebies, especially our diverse range of Photoshop brushes designed to enhance your projects.

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The Story of Stuff or “What’s going on with our planet at this very moment?”

In a fervent appeal, I must urge everyone to experience “The Story of Stuff,” a revelatory short film. Its eye-opening perspective unveils the grim realities of our consumption and production habits. Connecting a myriad of environmental and social issues, it’s more than enlightening – it’s a call to action for sustainability and justice. Witness it, share it, and let it transform your view on the material world. Watch now, share with a friend, and join the movement for a better planet!

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Photo albums and Photoshop Brushes

Weekend is over… but hey! Don’t be sad – it’s still Summer! Enjoy it! Today, I gladly present you “Bellissima Photographic Artistry”, my friend Robin is one of the owners of the site. She’s an engineer, but don’t let this misguide you! Oh, no! She has an eye for beauty, perfect sense of timing in […]

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Featured Artist of the Day: Lauren Bavin

I’m absolutely thrilled to see your stunning creations with my brushes! The red-blue paper design is a summer delight, and Lauren from New Zealand, the magical land of LOTR, is wowing us as the head designer using Swirls Brushes. Just spotted – my brushes are even on Digital Scrapbook Place’s header! Dive into Lauren’s gallery and keep unleashing your creativity, gang!

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Yet another great example of Photoshop brushes usage

As I promised, today I will present you another great artist that uses Photoshop brushes in their work. This time we talk about Courtney from Her blog is a great resource for scrapbook kits and I love her work! And I will say no more. Here is what she said: “I found your brushes […]

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Photoshop Brushes on Boots

Gang,I was minding my own business the other day, browsing various design competitions that are not too expensive to take part in when I ran into something that immediately threw me back in time. Back to my teenage days.Dr. Martens footwear announced a footwear design competition where everybody has a chance to apply their design […]

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The value of time

I was just sitting at the terrace the other day, enjoying the quiet afternoon when distant vibrant of the church bells reminded me on one thing that none of us can buy. Time. We all need time and the time must be the most precious gift that we were given. We need to be careful […]

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