Desktop Wallpaper January 2015


January, New Year has just started. It is still not too late for me to wish you

A lot of love and happiness in 2015!!!

and it is still not too late for me to bring you a January 2015 desktop wallpaper.

I prepared it for 8 different screen resolutions (please see below) and I truly hope yours is one of them.

For the calender in this design, I used 2015 Calendar Photoshop brushes set.

Desktop Wallpaper January 2015

Desktop Wallpaper Dimensions (click on dimensions to download):

So, in addition to my digital workshop, there are some news in my analog workshop too.

Some of you, who were following this blog for a bit longer, will know that I print my photos to canvas and then apply them on wood which I manually process (carve by heat and paint) beforehead.

Here is one example of this:

Photo Canvas Wood
Photo/Canvas/Wood – by bsilvia

I find wood to be a great medium (or should I say “carrier”) for artwork. U used to print photos on canvas and then apply canvas to wood, but this time I decided to prepare a design and print it to wood directly. So there is no paper or canvas involved. Designs are printed directly to 7.9 in x 7.9in (20cm X 20cm), 0.4in (1cm) thick plywood.

So, here are some of these designs on wood.

I tried to make this designs also as messages and thoughts we should bare in mind throughout this year.

wood wall art
There Is Only One Happiness In This Life, To Love And Be Loved – Wood Wall Art by bsilvia
wood wall art
There Is No Remedy For Love But To Love More – Wood Wall Art by bsilvia
wood wall art
Love Has No Age, No Limit; And No Death – Wood Wall Art by bsilvia

Clouds and hearts on the above designs are from Happy Clouds PS Brushes set.

And here are two for cat lovers 🙂

wood wall art
A Meow Massages The Heart – Wood Wall Art by bsilvia
wood wall art
You Had Me At Meow – Wood Wall Art by bsilvia

So, well, that’s it for todays post. I hope you liked the graphics and the desktop wallpaper.

I love you all and I wish you, once again, peace, love and happiness in 2015.


Silvia from Graphics-Illustrations.Com