July 2009 GBG Newsletter


As most of you already noticed, July 2009 edition of GBG Newsletter is out. And it is always a big event in our house! Simply because it takes a lot of work. Many hours. Lot of preparations, tests, modifications, adjustments and re-adjustments.

Until, one day, we can say “It’s ready” and send it out. Then we make a toast  and a little celebration 🙂 Then we eat loads of ice cream and dance to the music! (Unless my husband decides to play Freddy in the living room 🙂

And I learned today, again, how you guys recognize that and appreciate it (not the dance, but the quality of the newsletter). Thank you for your messages of support!

Not to mention how thankful I am and happy to receive great feedback from my buyers. Your feedback is so great that I just go and read it when I feel down. It’s warm and uplifting. And that’s what keeps me going.

OK. I got diverted from the subject now.

So, the newsletter is out. I am already receiving great feedback about it. Especially on Facebook and thank you so much for that.

I’m glad to hear you love my latest Peacock feather brushes. As always, they come in highest possible resolution (up to 2500). I draw each feather, manually, spent a lot of time doing it, but it was worth it.

In this latest edition we also bring some new Photoshop tutorials and one background made with a little help from Peacock brushes.

All in all, I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’m even more happy to see that you like it too.

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Peacock's Feathers Free Photoshop brushes set

So, here is what background looks like (this is thumbnail version).

Hot Summer, free background, 8x8 inches at 300 dpi

So, thank you for your attention. Keep on writing, I will write back.

And don’t forget: Always have fun creating!




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