And it surely is last minute.

I mean the V-Day is like just a few hours away (ok, it depends on where you live).

Fresh, still hot and steaming, coming from bsilvia Graphic Factory (hey, great idea for my new brand, if I ever decide to have one :))

I draw all night to get it to you (yes it reminds me on one Roy Orbison song, even Cindy Lauper had her version of it, cute song, perfect for Valentine Days night … )

Ladies, let me present you:

Pink Valentine Scrapbook Kit

Last Minute Valentines Day Scrapbook Kit

The time is running out. So, I want to keep this post short (let’s see if I’ll manage).

The less time you spend reading this post, more time will you have to:

1. Get a free sample (one page, 7in by 7in at 250dpi) ( PREVIEW Pink Valentine, FREE, one page sample HERE ) ( DOWNLOAD Pink Valentine, FREE, one page sample (zipped) HERE ) sorry, 5 days subscription free download offer expired. Download is now available after joining GBG. Please read about our free download policy and Join GBG community for more free downloads. Thanks!

2. PREVIEW Pink Valentine Scrapbook Kit HERE and see how totally cool this kit is

3. Read the info and find out that full version includes:

  • 5 custom background papers in pink/violet hues
  • 5 frames (two double frames)
  • 4 brads with hearts
  • 3 ribbons
  • 3 shapes (love button, floral, word art)
  • 1 pink hearts stripe

and find out that full version comes in 12in x 12in at 300dpi

4. Totally fall in love with the full version

5. GET Pink Valentine Scrapbook Kit in Sweet Love Photoshop Brushes Pack from my Shop

6. Download it, import your images, modify if you wish and – VOILA! Valentines Day Scrapbook Kit is ready!

Love you all.
All the time.

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