Decorating With Circled Hearts Clip Art

Love More Laptop Sleeves on Redbubble
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Decorating With Circled Hearts Clip Art

Some of you who’s been following this blog from it’s early days maybe still remember the Circled Hearts Photoshop brushes which is in this pack. Well, soon after making those brushes I decided I’ll make Hearts clip art out of them (basically it’s a bunch of hi-res Photoshop brushes PNG files and vectors in .eps and .ai format). And this clipart can be found here. These are about 8 years old. Now, 8 years in human history may not be much, but in web history – it’s a lot. To me, it seems like yesterday when I made them. And even after these 8 years, I still enjoy using them when creating new products. So, you guessed, I used those to decorate more stuff in my Redbubble shop and create a brand new line-up called “Love More” with this clip art.

So, well, the brushes are not new. Not at all, but I like to refer to them as “oldie but goldie” They still look fresh, colorful and, well, looking at the products I made with them – it makes me feel good and positive. Even on a cold, rainy day in November. Such as today.

So, my dear rare precious and valued visitors, on this cold and rainy November night, I joyfully present you with my latest design line-up called

Love More

All items below were decorated with Circled Hearts Clip Art

Love More Duvet on Redbubble

Love More Duvet on Redbubble

Love More Studio Pouches on Redbubble

Love More Studio Pouches on Redbubble

Love More Laptop Sleeves on Redbubble

Love More Laptop Sleeves on Redbubble

Love More, iPhone Cases and Skins

Love More iPhone Cases & Skins on Redbubble

So, I thought designs are kinda cool and there it was really fun creating something completely new with Photoshop brushes I made 8 years ago. After all, the symbol of heart and the feeling of love, these are eternal, no matter what variation they take

Created with Circled hearts Cli Art (EPS files) from  Valentine’s Hearts Clip Art set

Valentine’s Hearts Clip Art

And that’s all for today folks! I hope you will like some of these designs or maybe some of them will inspire you to make something too.

Whatever your choice will be – enjoy your day, hug and kiss the person next to you and, well – love more!

Love you all,


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