First – thank you Fiona and Heather for your work, those rally cheered me up!

But… for the competition images had to be made woth our little simple on-line designer (the application below), but, you will still get the honorable mention 🙂

Thank you Fiona!

Thank you Heather too!

Competition in details:

So, to sum it all up, there is still two weeks left and if you feel like making some cool graphics why not use Simple Flash On-Line Designer and enter our “Fight the January Blues” Competition?

You can send your work by email to silvia at graphics-illustrations dot com and the best ones will be published on Graphics-Illustrations.Com Facebook page and the best of the best will be awarded.

And the rewards are:

  1. the best graphic will get Gold GBG membership
  2. second best will get one PREMIUM Photoshop brushes set from our Graphics-Illustratios.Com Shop
  3. third best will get a honorable mention (ok Fiona already got it, but we’ll have several honorable mentions )

Closing date is: 31st of January.

Of course, this little application is nowhere near the Photoshop but it still allows you to:

  1. Rotate the brushes: Ctrl (on Mac Cmd) + Left and Right Arrow Keys
  2. Re-size the brushes: Ctrl (on Mac Cmd) + Up and Downl Arrow Keys
  3. Change transparency
  4. Color it (solid colors only)

You can, also, choose whether you want to work with some of the backgrounds I provided or you want to work on a solid color background, this application will allow you to do both.

Finally, you get to pick the font and write something.

Use “Clear” button to start again!

Have fun (important).

It might take a while for the application to load backgrounds so please be patient. Thank you 🙂

  • To rotate the brush – Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl(Cmd on Mac) and Left/Right Arrow keys.
  • To re-size the brush – Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl(Cmd on Mac) and Up/Down Arrow keys.

Of course, as I said, you know that you can do a lot more with those brushes in Photoshop!

Also, the size of the brushes in the PREMIUM packages are MUCH MUCH BIGGER :)) up to 2500px!

OK. Have fun creating and have a great weekend!