Valentines Photoshop Brushes set - 2nd Edition

Gang! It’s January and the time has come for another upgrade! (Nothing to do with January really … but … oh, well…. anyways … 🙂

So, if you purchased Valentines Photoshop brushes set you will receive a nice surprise gift in a form of new upgrade!

As most of you already know, every now and then I add new features and benefits to the existing PREMIUM sets in order to make them even more perfect 🙂 (That’s barely possible, I know … :))

So, when someone buys my Photoshop brushes, they did not buy just high quality brushes with commercial use license. Oh, no! They also bought unlimited free upgrades to their Photoshop brushes!

Well, yes, it’s not mentioned along with other features and benefits of my PPREMIUM Photoshop brushes, but what would life be without surprises? Innit? (Yes, I picked up that “innit” thing from Ali-G. :))

So, I guess this makes my brushes a kind of worthwhile LONG TERM investment.  Innit? (Again??)

So far I upgraded:

  1. Valentines Photoshop brushes 2nd Edition (in this post)
  2. Tattoo Photoshop brushes 2nd Edition
  3. Swirls Floral brushes 2nd Edition


Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present you the brand new edition of Valentines Photoshop brushes set

Valentine’s Photoshop brushes set – 2nd Edition

Valentine's Hearts Set Photoshop Brushes

Valentine’s 2nd Edition, Photoshop Brushes

* 21 brush at 2000px
* 21 brush at 1000px
* 21 transparent PNG files

– Commercial license
– PC/Mac Compatible
– compatible with Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5

Preview Valentine’s Photoshop brushes set 2nd Edition :
Valentines PS Brushes set 21+21

BUY Valentines Photoshop brushes set 2nd Edition ->

This Valentine’s Photoshop Brushes set was created about a year ago, just in time for a Valentine’s Day ! Now, after a year I decided to upgrade it for my existing and future customers. So, in addition to 21 Photoshop brushes in two sizes, this package now contains 21 PNG files. Of course, the price remains the same, $9.00.

FREE download of LITE version of this Photoshop Brushes set is available for our Green Bulb Gang members (become one now).

OK, guys, that’s all for today, stay well, love and hug each other and above all:

Have fun creating!



If you purchased this set before, the download link for the upgraded version was sent to your email address.  If you changed your email address or did not receive the download link for any other reason, just send me your order number and it will be emailed to you immediately.