Springtime scrapbookHi Gang! It’s been a while and I feel totally bad about not writing for so long (5 days!). And many things have happened in the meantime.

We had technical issues with our WordPress blog, then we upgraded it to the latest 2.5 version, then we had some more technical issues – BUT it is all resolved now!!!! (Thank you Nickola from Siteground! You’ve been a great help and support in a tough times!)

So, we’re up and running again and it is my great pleasure to introduce our first guest writer:

Lauren from Creative Curio

Lauren has been in the graphic design industry since 2003 and currently runs Creative Curio, a graphic design focused blog. Scrapbooking has been her hobby since around the same time, and she loves this no-pressure creative outlet. Therefore, she didn’t think twice when we asked her if she would like to write about scrapbooking.

So, if you’d like to find out how was the scrapbook image above done check out  Scrapboking tutorial: Children in Spring –> by Lauren from Creative Curio.