I’ve been thinking about taking the whole Photoshop brushes thing to the next level. Say … animating it.

It could be cool for video scrap booking, or should I say, scrap video. I mean it’s basically the same thing. It’s just that, this time, Photoshop  brushes are used in video. So, I played around with After Effects for a while and made this little video. Kind of introduction to the whole new era – VIDEO SCRAPPING!

So, for starters, I made a little video from my brushes and background. This font is actually a brush: Grunge alphabet and numbers with swirls, Photoshop brushes set and a background is from my background set: “2 pack graphics: old grunge paper images 1”.

I hope you liked it. If you’d like to have a video produced from some of the materials that you have at home, drop me an email.