GBG eZine and the Words of Encouragement

Today, I received a beautiful email from Fiona. Fiona is following my blog for quite some time and she’s been successfully using my brushes, vectors and tutorials as she is starting her new career as a designer, but most of all, Fiona sent me this beautiful email of encouragement after reading my last post.

Fiona went through the same difficult times when something similar happen to her and her husband, so she knows how I feel right now. And I can’t stress enough, Fiona, how thankful I am for your words of encouragement.

GBG eZine and the Words of Encouragement

In addition, Fiona is starting a new career as a designer and she is already being successful at it. Here is the link to one of her creations, a mouse pad she created was chosen to be the TBA at Zazzle! Congratulations! Way to go, Fiona!

Check her mouse pad at Zazzle:

So, as I said before, this is no time to stop creating and giving, March edition of GBG eZine is out and here is what I created for GBG Members and my Facebook fans:

1. St. Patrick’s Day Bokeh Photoshop brushes set
2. St. Patrick’s Day Background 12″x12″
3. St. Patrick’s Day 6+6 Photoshop brushes set
4. St. Patrick’s Day 3 Journal Tags – PNG files
5. St. Patrick’s Day 4 Photo Masks – PNG files…

If you are a GBG member the eZine will be in your mailbox in the course of the next few days.

If you are a Facebook fan, you already have a link.

If you want to get the eZine, join us at GBG ->

And, in the end, let me quote one of the sentences from Fiona’s email:

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Love and peace!