Testimonials – What they say about my work

Guys, you all know how it is not nice to brag about yourself or the work that you do.

But it is always nice to hear what others have to say about your work.

You know, I receive a lot of feedback by email and I was thinking how useful it would be for my visitors if they had a chance to find out what buyers have to say about my products. So, I contacted buyers of my products and asked them if it’s OK if I publish their feedback on this page.

And, after receiving their consent I published it.

So, here is what my buyers say:

“Again I have purchased one of your marvelous sets, again I’m thrilled with the quality of your brushes, and again I appreciate your reasonable priced commercial use items! J I thought you might like a peek at what I used the new Shamrock brushes for this week.

Thank you over and over and over again for sharing your talent!”

Pattie K.

“…Thanks so much…..your a sweetie to take care of this…great customer service… I try to get a set each month..! your the only one I buy brushes from
and my favorite… “

Joanne R.

“I found you through a group of scrapbook designers. We were talking about great resources, and your name came up and was HIGHLY recommended. I can tell you that I certainly agree with them You have the most wonderful stuff, and offer a wonderful TOU. So thank you again!”


“…you are very talented and i love the size of your brushes. They make what i create look brilliant and don’t go blured and out of focus like some brushes do. I will be buying more for sure.”

“I found you on the internet when i was browsing for photoshop brushes last year. It wasn’t till i got used to photoshop and found out how good and how versatile brushes were that i thought of purchasing. This is the second order of your brushes ive recieved and i shall buy more when i have the extra funds in paypal.
Keep up the excellent work”

Jo P.

“I just purchased a few brush sets and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! Keep up the good work. I’ll be back for more!”

Bonnie B.

“I just read your post about how I found you. I was looking for “hearts” and googled the word. After looking at so many hearts, I was discouraged because I could not find anything unique. I then found you. I was really excited and I must say that after seeing everything you have created I am really impressed. I cannot express enough how pleased I am with all your brushes. Thanks again for sharing your talent with me.”

de corazón,
Juanita M.

“I found your shop while doing a search for Photoshop brushes. I bought a couple sets a few months ago, and I love them! I’m starting my own invitation design company, and your sets have been the perfect finishing touch to a few of my designs. Thanks so much!”

Sarah G.B.

“Many thanks for your tut on how to convert Photoshop brushes to PaintShop Pro. I would probably never have figured out all that stuff on my own. You saved me a big bundle of time trying to learn it from scratch!”

Ray K.

“Thank you. I am excited to see your products. You are very talented! I do have a question, I write PSP tag tutorials as well I make scrapkits. What are your TOU for your products?
Thank you”

Amanda K.

– Amanda, please check TOU page and see how generous my TOU(s) are 🙂

“I love the brushes I have from GI and the GBG … a big huge TY for them!!!!! I also visit the blog frequently, at least once a week, and enjoy reading your writing (and reading about Poofitza :-), being a kitty person)…”

Sheila D.

“…I found you through a thread at Digi Shop Talk. Your stuff is awesome– I’m sure I’ll be back!

Elise H.

“I think I found you just using the google with “Photoshop brushes” in the search criteria.. I really like all your products and you make things a lot easier for me! I’ve been a customer of yours for probably a year now. One time I purchased one of your mega packs..
Thanks so much for your beautiful work!”


“I found your site quite a while ago and receive your monthly newsletter. I always download your freebies! I am going to school for graphic design and web design. I want to have high quality brushes to use for my projects and eventually jobs so I bit the bullet and went for the mega pack. I love lots of variety to choose from to create things. I love what you come up with.
Thanks so much.”

Julie S.

“I found you (and I’m so glad I did!), by Googling “Photoshop brushes” – I looked at sites for free brushes first, but was put off by the differing terms (about usage and attribution, etc) so I wanted to buy brushes with all that sorted out so I can use them with confidence – and I did remember coming across your floral swirls some time ago. Having recently upgraded to Adobe CS3 (hurrah! – CS4 will have to wait…), I can install now brushes without any difficulty. So yours will be the first – and now I really look forward to using them.
They really are perfect for what I was looking for – thank you!”

Sally S.

“… I wanted to thank you for providing us with such a wonderful resource of brushes and vectors at affordable prices. Your work is just wonderful.”

Kara J.

“… I downloaded a couple of your free sets, and was hooked! Your brushes are some of the very best on the net!! I have purchased several sets!! I just love your work, keep up with everything you do!! I am sure I will be back in your store again soon!!…”

Lori C.

“… I’m already in love with your web site! All your designs are beautiful & amazing… thank you for sharing your art and all the inspirations!…”

Kristin C.

“…I was surfing online today when I saw your wonderful website!! Love your graphics!…”

Jennifer A.

“… I am so pleased to have found your site. You have a great product; keep up the good work. I did have trouble navigating through your site to process my order but in the end I was successful.

Michele C.

– Michele, I know I will have to do some work on the site navigation. Order processing – solved 🙂

“… I was looking for a way to create a green theme for my friends’ Save the Date wedding announcement, and your paint brushes were just perfect for the job.
Good luck.”

H. Hennessey

Of course, there are more, but I thought that it should be enough.


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