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Photoshop Brushes - Burnt Paper
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Terms of Use

I am receiving a lot of questions about commercial usage of my brushes and other artwork that is available on this blog. Most of you, naturally, understand that I invest lot of work, time and effort to create and offer free brushes and other free resources on this blog.

Now, here is the deal:


OK. So, general idea is:
All artwork here is offered for you to create your own designs with it. Naturally, you are then the owner of all artwork you derive from the artwork offered on my blog.

Here is more details:


1.1. YOU MAY NOT re-sell any of the work from this site in it’s original form. Remember, make your own artwork and do what you want with it;
1.2. YOU MAY NOT re-distribute (offer for download or share or copy on any other digital or analog media) artwork from this site in it’s original form (e.g. “.abr” files) without my permission;
1.4. YOU ARE KINDLY ASKED to provide a back link to my site if you use my free downloads 🙂
1.5. YOU MIGHT even consider purchasing the PREMIUM version of the brushes (if there are any)


You MAY:

2.1. YOU MAY use the content to create layouts for your own personal use, commercial and non-commercial use like scrapbook kits, wedding invitations, birthday cards, ads, web sites and other commercial and non-commercial projects.
2.2. YOU MAY make gifts for family and friends.
2.3. YOU MAY alter size, color, etc. to suit your layouts.
2.4. YOU MAY submit project for publication using these graphics.
2.5. YOU MAY make one copy of this set for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.


2.6. YOU MAY NOT Claim brushes as your own.
2.7. YOU MAY NOT share this set in it’s original format with anyone.
2.8. YOU MAY NOT redistribute or resell the file(s).
2.9. YOU MAY NOT remove any notice of copyright included in the content.
2.10. YOU MAY NOT make any of the graphics into brushes again and redistribute them.
2.11. YOU MAY NOT offer these brushes on any web site as downloads or send them through a news list or any other way.

That’s it!

And at the end, here’s the latest free Photoshop brushes set: Burnt Paper

Photoshop Brushes - Burnt Paper

Thanks everyone and have fun creating!

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79 thoughts on “Terms of Use

  1. Hi… the credits them I can add in the file tou and then to insert a link to your blog if I use a brush for commercial use?

  2. thanks thousand immediately provide to insert her link and the credits every time that I will use one brush of his .

  3. I would like to know can i use your splatter brush to make printed designs for resale. thank you


  4. I own an online tshirt company, and am interested in knowing if I could use some of your brushes in my designs? I am more than happy to excessively credit and praise 🙂

  5. Firstly, thankyou for creating such wonderful brushes, and sharing so many of them for free!

    I create templates for digital scrapbooking. Using a swirl for example on a template (on it’s own layer), would that be acceptable use? That’s not reselling the actual brush, but i guess if they wanted they could save the image and use it later on….is that a problem?

    I await your answer…and thanks again!

  6. Thanks for asking Shannoon. Well, you can do it.
    I just hope, that one day I can earn my living by my creativity… one day… 🙂


  7. Would it be possible to use your fab brushes for making papers to resell? It is a bit hard to credit you, when it is a physical product 🙂 I would of course link and praise your work from my website!

  8. Great stuff as usual! Do you take Paypal donations as well as proliferate exultation about your art? I would like to use some of your designs for clear acrylic stamps. We’re home-based and small potatoes, but I really have always loved your stuff and would like to do a little more than give you praise in return for your permission to use some of your work. We don’t want you totally starving… 🙂

  9. Hi

    I didn’t saw any contact form on your blog so I will ask you right here.

    Can I become an affiliate seller for your shop ?
    Please email me your answer.


  10. hey i like all your stuff!
    i think its great that you put some up for free as well
    especially when designs so cut throat and money grabbing these days!

  11. Hi,
    Love you brushes. I want to buy a set of your brushes and use them in multiple designs for tshirts ( I will be selling the designs to some one who will make the shirts). When I buy the brushes does the copyright allow me to use them in a design and sell that design?

    thanks keep up the great designs!!!

  12. Hi,
    I just wanted clarity on your response to “own design”. I want to use your brushes (use them individually and combine them to create floral/vine designs) If I use one of your brushes by them selfs as a piece of art/design is this okay? Sorry, I just don’t want to use your work without completly understanding.

    Thanks a million.

  13. How do you purchase a commercial license? Is there one for all…or each individually? I only saw one kit that offered commercial use.


  14. You’re brushes are amazing… Thanks so much for letting usstarting out have a few for free.

    I will be making invites & Canvas designs for sale, so can’t credit you on the actual items, but will for sure link back to your site on my website.


  15. I love your work! I would like to ask you a question about your licensing rights on the products that I purchase from you. I would like to use some of the content (brushes) in products for resale (e.g. cards). Is that ok?

  16. thanks for the brushes their beautiful. i would love to use your brushes in my poster, flyer and logo designs that i may do for ppl. however since i cant give you direct credit on the item is that ok?however on several profile pages that i show off my work i can add a link to this page.

  17. You are my dirty little secret and I don’t feel like sharing, am I a terrible person! Your stuff helps me make some wonderfully original stuff.

  18. I don’t want to be redundant, but I just want to make sure I use your brushes correctly (they are fantastic by the way!). I would like to use them in two ways:

    1. As a part of my blog design

    2. Incorporated into photo greeting cards that I design and resell

    I will provide a link to you in my credits page in both places.

    Is this ok?

  19. Wow…your website, your brushes, your creativy are absolutely genius! This website has helped to inspire me to persue my life long dream of creating custom wedding invitations. I would like to use your brushes in my invitation designs and it seems that this would be ok? Also, this may seem silly but I’ve always had a love for graphic design, but no experience…besides using Photoshop, any other software you’d recommend I’d use for creating invitations or any advice? You are so kind and it’s been a blessing to have found your site. Many thanks for your time!

  20. Oh I do love your brushes. I bought the whole shebang in December and I cant stop making lots of mini montages.
    Your TOU are more than generous and the fact that the huge brush collection comes with a commercial licence prevents any headaches.
    Thank you – you are so generous with your time and talent to the world of Illustrator students!

  21. Hello,

    Thank you for these wonderful PS brushes! I just wanted to ask you if I can use them in images I sell on microstock sites (Dreamstime, Shutterstock…).

    Keep up the good work! (Will put a link back to you on my site)

  22. Hi, I purchased a set of brushes yesterday and love them. I’m fixing to purchase some more. I notice it says includes commercial license. Does my receipt number provide proof of this as I didn’t receive anything else other than the download and an email receipt of purchase?

  23. Hi Kim!
    Thank you for your purchase 🙂
    TOU, Commercial Use and licensing info are at the end of your “Thank you page” together with your personal download link and Receipt no.


  24. Merci beaucoup pour ta générosité ! Cela est grandement apprécié.

    Thank you very much for your generosity ! This is greatly appreciated.

    A friend from Quebec, Canada

  25. hello! (sorry my english is very poor).
    it uses your brushes to create an image for my logo of notebooks recyclings (estrella de papel). I can sell them with that image?


  26. Your work is so elegant and inspiring! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your beautiful creations – you ARE gifted.
    From time-to-time I create desktop wallpapers with Gimp and have used your great brushes. I have posted a link to your site at my blog.
    -Thanks again

  27. I sell backgrounds and templates for blogs and websites and would love to use your brushes. Is that in line with your TOU?

    1. Hi Danielle! Yes, you can use my brushes to create commercial backgrounds and templates for blogs.
      It is in line with my TOU.

  28. After seeing all the amazing work so far using your brushes.. I can’t wait to release my clear stamps using some of your brushes..
    Again, I just want to thank you for your generosity and kindness to others with your commercial licence..

  29. Hi! I went thru all of the comments and didnt find the specific answer and I am so bad at interpreting TOU so I figured I will just ask…Are we allowed to use the FREE brushes to make items that will go into digital scrapbooking kits, like for a paper or an embellishment? Some of the kits will be freebies and I would like to one day sell my kits. Would this fall in line with your TOU for the FREE brushes? Thanks for the help!

    1. Yes, Shannon, you can use my free brushes for your free and commercial projects. It would be nice if you mention where you got them, or put a link on your site though.
      Have fun!

  30. Absolutely! I will add a link to your site on my blog and will also include it in any TOU that will apply! Thank you so very much!

  31. Hi:)…i want use your hair brush (free) in project of cd cover for my client (music band).Can i have your permission. I can’t provide a link back on this cover but if you say yes it would be nice:)

  32. Yes, Ina you can use them… and I will be happy if you can send me JPG of the cover 🙂 Maybe I can write a post about it?
    S 🙂

  33. Hi..

    Am looking at taking some of my polymer stamp range over to digital downloads.

    Am I right in understanding correctly that your brushes can also be used for this as long as they are not in their original format and are a design made up from using the brushes.

    Just want to confirm before I do anything with them..

    Cheers hun.
    Nikki x

    1. Nikki, you can use my brushes for any commercial purpose as long as you are not re-distributing them in their original format.
      It would be nice to give me some credits on your site though.


  34. Will definately credit you hun… and thankyou for getting back to me..
    Your brushes are just amazing.. and you put a lot of work into them.. can’t wait to get some out now.. and be able to donate a little to your site 🙂

    Nikki x

  35. Hi!

    I’ve used a brush set from you, for a project a woman and her husband have. They are going to make a CD which is a trubute to people with cancer and they need a cover for it. I wondered if it’s okay. I don’t know if they are going to sell this, but if they are is it okay anyway?

    Greetings from Norway =)

  36. Thank you for being specific on your Terms of Use. Too many websites say they offer “free” stuff but when you read the TOU or contact the participating designers, it ends up not being so. They’re just not specific enough.

    I just have one question, to be on the safe side. If I wanted to use your freebies as part of my design projects that will be transferred on items to be sold, is this okay? (i.e. CafePress, Zazzle).

    Appreciate your feedback!

  37. You are so talented. I have been downloading your brushes and using them for my personal use. I just now read your TOU. You are so generous. I am thinking about starting my own store on Renderosity in 2010. I could certainly use your brushes. I am planning on purchasing from you when I get started. I do Scrapbooking kits. I have been posting freebies. When I do my read me note I will mention you. Will this be okay.
    Happy Holidays and thank you again.

  38. Hi..it’s me again..some time ago i’ve asked you” Hi:)…i want use your hair brush (free) in project of cd cover for my client (music band).Can i have your permission. I can’t provide a link back on this cover but if you say yes it would be nice:)
    Greetings,Ina.”…but i don’t sell this artwork for cd cover….i put it here nooneordinary.deviantart.com/art/Feelings-134919614 and i want to ask you:can i add my work with your brus to Deviantart Print shop?…You are credited in description .Greetings..Ina

  39. Hi Silvia,

    My husband surprised me this Christmas with your wonderful Photoshop brushes (so excited!) I wanted to ask, will they be compatible with CS5 that will be coming out in the new year? Thanks!

    1. That’s a beautiful and very original Christmas gift Kristy! Yes, of course, it will be compatible with CS5 because when it comes to brushes, all new versions of Photoshop are compatible with all previous versions down to Photoshop 7.0. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and joyful Holidays!

  40. Hello

    I just wnat to make sure I can you your graphics….if I design digitasl scrapbooking kits that I sell on line, I may use your brushes (I purchased the 800+ Bundle) wto design my papers and elements. I do sell my kis on line.

    Thanks for your time


    1. Yes, Cinzia, you may use your brushes to create whatever you want with them.
      You can then sell those products on line or off line.
      One of my main goals is to help my buyers make money with my Photoshop brushes and other products that I create and sell in my shop and on this blog.

  41. Hi Silvia,

    Lovin the floral brushes you made but I have one question.

    I have a logo im working on that incorporates one of your free brushes from the “swirls circles 7lite brushes set v7” and was wondering how I would be able to use it commercially.

    I looked for it in your premium sets to no avail. Is there a way i can pay or donate so I can use it?

    Keep up the great work!!

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