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Bring Your Squad to Life with Bella’s Custom Faceless Illustrations!

Looking for a unique and modern way to capture your favorite memories with friends, family, or even coworkers? Look no further! Bella’s Custom Faceless Portrait Illustrations on Etsy are here to save the day, one unique creation at a time! Capture Your Whole Crew Bella’s one-of-a-kind faceless illustrations are perfect for adding a touch of […]

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GBG eZine, March 2015 Edition is Out!

Most of the newsletters today are being sent out on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. However, there is this one special newsletter that is being sent every 2,5 years 🙂 Yes, ladies and gentleman, the GBG eZine, March 2015 edition is OUT! Last GBG eZine was out in October 2012 and it took me […]

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Love Birds Photoshop Brushes Set

*_* So. It’s done. It’s late at night, it took me two days (ok not two full days but still) and I feel very much like just crashing into bed, but these brushes needed to be out tonight! Even if this will be one of the most boring or shortests posts I ever made, I […]

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Calendar 2015 Photoshop Brushes

And what do you know … … just two days after the Swirled Space Photoshop brushes have been published, here comes another set Calendar 2015 – Photoshop brushes I know, many will say that it is too late now. But, believe it or not, I was sure this set was published and made available for […]

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Free Photoshop brushes – Swirled Space

Holy Macaroni! (Urban dicitionary: Homer Simpson’s Shocked and confused expression. When homer travels into the 3rd Dimension and doesnt know what to say.) And since I am left speechless in this particular moment, I had no other choice but to reach out for the Homer Simpsons words of wisdom. And why exactly these words? Because of the […]

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Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background Wallpaper

Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background / Wallpaper and Calendar; May 2014 – Free Download Ok. This one will be really quick. Because I have to run to my mother’s place for Easter Monday dinner. And, oh yes! Happy Easter Everyone! I know I am a bit late, but better late then never, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving with free graphic, card or background

Gang, what can I say? HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! I made this little graphic with a little help from free Photoshop brushes and Photoshop textures – all available here for free! You might like it, or you may not. If you like it, you can download it and re-use it for any other possible purpose… or not. […]

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Free Heart Graphic (and a great new imaginary device)

This post is going to be somehow different. It will be about our heart (not just heart graphic), positive energy vibration and quantum physics. It is, basically, something I wrote into my diary, but then I decided to share it with you: … Now it’s clear. It is the emotional vibration that makes things happen. It’s not […]

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Simple and Elegant Wedding Invitation, Paisley Design

Paisley design originates from India, Pakistan and Persia but the western name “paisley” derives from the town of Paisley in Scotland. Well, I didn’t know that. I mean, I thought it was originally from Persia, but that was all I knew. Anyways, paisleys are totally cool decoration and not just for textile design, but for […]

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