Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background Wallpaper

Two Hearts In The Sunset - Desktop Background Wallpaper
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Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background Wallpaper

Two Hearts In The Sunset – Desktop Background / Wallpaper and Calendar; May 2014 – Free Download

Ok. This one will be really quick. Because I have to run to my mother’s place for Easter Monday dinner. And, oh yes!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I know I am a bit late, but better late then never, yes? 🙂

Also, when it comes to Easter, just to remind you, there is one free paper background called Easter Fun
– 12x12in
– 3600px x 3600px
– 300dpi
free for all

Free Easter Background

Another FREE Download: Easter Chicks and Eggs Photoshop Brushes

Easter Chicks And Eggs - Photoshop Brushes


However, this is not what this post was supposed to be all about.

Few days ago I did some photo shooting session in my backyard and this is one of the photos I made along the way. These two hearts sticking out looked really nice in this sunset background. I just knew I had the winner of the day 🙂 I named this photo Two Hearts In The Sunset.

I wanted to share that photo with you and create some desktop backgrounds for download out of it. There are two sets of 6 images, each image for different screen resolution, one set with the calendar and another set without it. I hope you will like it. Just click on the thumbnail to download the desired version.

Set with calendar:

Set without the calendar. In case you wanted to keep in on your desktop even after May.

That’s it. Gotta go! Love you all!

P.S.: Before I sign off, I must mention: don’t forget to explore the Swirled Corners PS Brushes Set and its complementary Swirled Frames Photoshop Brushes Set. I’m certain you’ll find them valuable.

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