Doodle Floral Brushes At Making

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Doodle Floral Brushes At Making

Doodle Floral Brushes At Making, Free Scrapbook PSD File And A Back Yard Photo Session

Don’t you just love it that the Spring is here? I just had to honor it in the best way I know! Yes, therefore, I smell some delicious fresh “spring-ish” downloads in the air!  Ouuuuh!

That warm and fuzzy feeling… 🙂

Well, anyways, let’s get down to the ground. I’ve got some stuff for you. As you will see down there, I was busy last night, preparing some brand new fresh Photoshop brushes and one free layered PSD ScrapBook file for you guys. Use it as you see fit. In the end of this post you will see some photos from the yesterdays “Back-yard photo session”.

Doodle Floral Brushes

Actually, what I am working on is brand new Doodle Floral Brushes. Here are some sketches, you can call them drafts, but these are brand new Photoshop brushes in making. I think they will turn out just fine and in a day or two. [distraction] Haha! This reminds me of an old Beatles song (yes, I know they’re all old) called “Rocky Racoon”. It says, in one part:

Her name was Magil
But she called her self Lil
And everyone knew her as Nancy

Love it! We could also sing

Here are some sketches
You can call them drafts
But these are just new PS brushes
(In making)

Well, anyways, where was I? Ah, the brand new Photoshop brushes and a free PSD download. So, here are the drafts for the new brushes I was working on last night:

Doodle Floral Brushes

Here is a free download, layered PSD scrapbook page. You can insert one of more of your own photos, add or change a few graphic decorations and – voila! A brand now scrapbook page ready to show to the world. (Yes, Facebook, for instance 🙂 I hope you will like it.

I had no idea on how to call it and since it’s April I just named it, well – April.


Here is the list of layers in Photoshop so you get the idea how you can tweak it and get your own version of this Scrapbook page:

Scrapbook page opened in Photoshop - Layers

How big is it? Well:

Scrapbook PSD file 12" x 12" at 300dpi

So you can print it out. And here is how I used it:


This is one of the photos I made yesterdays during the photo session which took place in my back yard with some of my dear friends and neighbors:

I created this Scrapbook page with a little help from the Borders Photoshop brushes and Photoshop Brushes: Month by month Photo Masks (12) – both available as a free download here at Graphics-Illuustrations.Com.

Finally, about the photo session in my back yard. It was enjoyable and fun! Here are some photos from it.

Well, gang, that’s it for the day! I hope you liked the reading, listening, watching, downloading… the full experience of a typical Graphics-Illustrations.Com blog post.

Next time, I will come with a free and Premium version of a brand new Floral Doodle Photoshop brushes, the ones I am working on right now. Until then, stay well, hug the first person you see after reading this and don’t forget – have fun creating!

Love you all!



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