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Free Heart Graphic (and a great new imaginary device)

This post is going to be somehow different. It will be about our heart (not just heart graphic), positive energy vibration and quantum physics. It is, basically, something I wrote into my diary, but then I decided to share it with you: … Now it’s clear. It is the emotional vibration that makes things happen. It’s not […]

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10 Day Photoshop Brushes Quest; Circles of Motivation [Set 9/10]

Gang, It’s day nine of our 10 Days, 10 Freebies quest and today, I proudly bring you Circles of Motivation Photoshop brushes set Preview: To get more designers stuff you might also want to: Circles of Motivation (wordart) are Free Photoshop brushes available for everyone!

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10 Day Photoshop Brushes Sets Quest; Stickers set [Set 7/10]

And we are day 7 now. You, this can be really exhausting… but, what can I do? Now that I gave myself this task and made you a promise, I just have to go along and do this. Nooo, it’s fun really! So, without any further ado, ladies and gentleman, the epic 10 days, 10 […]

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10 Free Father’s Day Photoshop Brushes Sets; [Set 5/10]

10 days, 10 Photoshop brushes,  Father’s Day Countdown continues and we are half way there. Today, I proudly bring you Swirled Circled Hearts Photoshop brushes Swirled and circled hearts have always been on the top of my favorite Photoshop brushes sets list and I hope they will make it big time on your “Best of […]

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10 Free Father’s Day Photoshop Brushes Sets; [Set 2/10]

As I promised yesterday, today I bring you second out of 10 freebies in honor of Father’s Day. I’d also like to call this series “A Free Photoshop brushes Father’s Day countdown” Heart, being  a symbol of love is, naturally, included in this series, so, today I proudly bring you 2. Grunge Hearts Photoshop brushes […]

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Unique Photoshop Brushes, Video Tutorial and A Very Special Valetnine’s Day Pack

Gang, One of the basic rules of good behavior is: Make promises! And the second one is:  Keep promises! Yesterday, I promised you a tutorial on creating a “bokeh” effect  so you can make images like the one below. (FLASH animation!) http://graphics-illustrations.com/videos/howtousebokehbrushesvid.swf Now, as you noticed, for this purpose I used  Valentine’s Bokeh, Photoshop brushes […]

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New Photoshop Brushes set: Father’s Day

Gang, I worked all night just to make sure I will be on time with these ones. I know, father’s day in U.S.A., Canada and U.K.  is in 21st of June, but we all know how tough it is when you do these things in a last moment. So, today is 9th of June and […]

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Valentines Photoshop Brushes – The Moment of Truth

And it was about time. Despite of the removal, despite of not having a decent Internet connection in my new apartment, despite the fact that we waited for a fridge for 3 days and the washing machine for 2 days, against all odds – in between of removal boxes, I managed to make them. Ladies […]

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