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Don’t BUY a present for this Valentine’s – MAKE it!

Valentine’s day is here. And it’s highly commercialized. Here is the alternative approach. I hope you will like it. Actually, I believe that many of you think this way too. The feeling/emotion of being in love (not loving – being in love, having a “crush” on someone) is the most precious feeling we can experience […]

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Gang, You just keep on surprising me with your creativity! And here is another great example of that! Applying Photoshop brushes on a photo. Tammy did it again 🙂 ! So, here is what happened. Recently, I got an email from Tammy (GPL Studios). She said: “I was taking my son’s High School Senior pictures […]

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Circled Hearts – A Brand New Set of Photoshop Brushes!

Hello you Photoshop junkies! I don’t know about you but I haven’t slept much last night. And here is the reason why. I was making a brand new, yet unseen, absolutely fresh Photohop brushes set that I named: Circled hearts. Circled hearts Photoshop brushes – 40 brushes in a set Preview: (also available in 2 […]

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Hearts Photoshop brushes set (Photoshop 7.0 brushes)

It’s never enough when it comes to Photoshop brushes – so, here is more of them! Especially when it comes to such an inspiring event as it is on Valentine’s day. Loads and loads of Valentine’s related graphics is being produced daily. Loads of Valentine’s brushes is being applied on all kinds of media. From […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Free download: Photoshop kisses – brushes

Hello everyone! 🙂 I’ve returned from the Alps to my home, brimming with ideas. And today’s brushes are about kissing: Photoshop kisses brushes (set of 19) great Photoshop brushes set for your Valentine’s designs. So, love each other and peace be with you. Enjoy the brush! (Just remember to praise me when you use it […]

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