Don’t BUY a present for this Valentine’s – MAKE it!

Valentine's Day Hearts and Love Messages
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Don’t BUY a present for this Valentine’s – MAKE it!

Valentine’s day is here. And it’s highly commercialized. Here is the alternative approach. I hope you will like it. Actually, I believe that many of you think this way too.

The feeling/emotion of being in love (not loving – being in love, having a “crush” on someone) is the most precious feeling we can experience in our live time, here on earth (I don’t buy the story that everything ends once we seize to breed, that’s why I say “life – here on earth” there are other “modes” of being alive out there.).

Those of you who experienced the feeling of “being in love” will certainly agree with me. It’s close to “madness” but in a good, positive way. It is also the “everything makes sense now” feeling. Also,  it is a total absence of worrying or caring about the stuff we worry or care about when our mindset is in “normal” state.

All that matters, in the time of being in love, is to be in the company of someone we’re in love with. As much as possible. That’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter where, when or what you do. It is a fuzzy, warm feeling in the stomach and it feels better than any other drug that human or nature came up with. (Not that I tried all the drugs in the world or something, but once you know what it feels to be in love, you don’t go after drugs, because you know nothing came close to this.)

But, of course, we live in a “consumer” society and we need to spend in order to make the economy grow isn’t it? Well, I don’t “buy” this. We are led to believe that the best way of showing love is to BUY something for them. BUY a present. SPEND money. These are the messages we are all bombarded with and exposed to 24 hours a day (Ok. we still have the time when we sleep to be on our own, but I wouldn’t count that they won’t find I way to get to us there too).

Well, my message is: DON’T BUY anything for the one you love. DON’T! You just can’t buy love. If you could, it would be on the supermarket shelves already and it would probably be heavily discounted today.

Here the approach I prefer. Of course, we want to give something to the ones you love. That’s perfectly normal. Expressing love is perfectly normal, cool and ok. Now, what is the only asset we all have, but are limited with? And I mean ALL of us who experience life here and now on this planet? It’s the time. So, for this valentine’s day, take the time, and MAKE something for the one you love.

I create Photoshop brushes and the best way I can contribute is to give them to you so you use them and make something. Make a Valentine’s card. Make a poem, decorate it with Photoshop brushes and print it out. Make an envelope (here is how ->). Take the time to make it look good. It will make both of you so much more happy then just getting a perfume or some hi-tech gadget from the store.

I know what you’re thinking now “You’re saying don’t buy stuff, buy my brushes.Wrong! I am offering loads of free Photoshop brushes here!

I also made new Valentine’s day Photoshop brushes for Premium members. Of course. Premium members liked my work and wanted to have more if it. And I am proud of it. And that is why I wanted to make this ones just for them.

But, again, there are loads of Photoshop brushes for free as well. So, there is no excuse 🙂

Yes, and have fun today! Show the ones you how much you are willing to give them – your most precious asset – your time. Not your money. Your time.

And, for my Premium members, I prepared a little something exclusive for you this Valentine. This is my way of saying “Thank you!”. So, just log in to your Premium account and download:

Photoshop brushes/EPS – Love Messages

Photoshop brushes - Love Messages (6+6)
  • 6 brushes in two sizes, 6 EPS files – available for Premium members

Photoshop brushes/EPS – Valentine’s Day Hearts

Photoshop brushes - Valentine's Day Hearts (6+6+6)
  • 6 brushes in three sizes, 6 EPS files – available for Premium members

Ready to Fly?

Here’s how you can get them:

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I wish you all loads of warm and fuzzy feelings in your stomach for this Valentine’s.



And, for you who lost that perfect feeling, here is the tune of the day

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