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You just keep on surprising me with your creativity! And here is another great example of that!

Applying Photoshop brushes on a photo. Tammy did it again 🙂 !

So, here is what happened. Recently, I got an email from Tammy (GPL Studios).

She said:

“I was taking my son’s High School Senior pictures & realized that he & his girlfriend Casie’s shadows looked pretty cool on the brick wall, so I made a unique image with one of your heart brushes & their shadows. Needless to say, they and all their friends LOVED it, and it’s set as her profile image right now on myspace. (In case you were wondering, I used a gaussian blur & reduced the opacity).”


Great work Tammy!!!

So, if your imagination is tickled with this image and you’d like to get romantic with your creations too, here are my recommendations of the day:

1. Hearts Photoshop Brushes Set (click to see them) or

2. Photoshop Brushes: Valentine’s (click to see them)

And if you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw or Xara*, you can use Valentine’s Hearts Vector Set.

So, as always, thank you gang for your great input. I will try to publish as much of your work as possible so keep them coming!



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  1. Silvia you’re AWESOME! LOVE your brushes – you are so talented and so incredibly nice. THANK YOU bunches for sharing this image and linking back to our site. You’re a jewel!


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