Hearts Photoshop brushes set (Photoshop 7.0 brushes)

Hearts Photoshop brushes set
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Hearts Photoshop brushes set (Photoshop 7.0 brushes)

It’s never enough when it comes to Photoshop brushes – so, here is more of them!

Especially when it comes to such an inspiring event as it is on Valentine’s day. Loads and loads of Valentine’s related graphics is being produced daily. Loads of Valentine’s brushes is being applied on all kinds of media. From web, of course, to magazines, newspapers all the way to t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc… etc…

So, what do I do (apart from talking to my self)?
I do more brushes!

And what do I do with them?
I give them to you!

And why?
Because I’m on medication! 🙂 (just kidding)

So, your mission of today: Click – Download Hearts Brushes Set – Create
’nuff said! 🙂

Hearts Photoshop brushes set
Hearts Photoshop brushes set

Have fun creating!

S 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Hearts Photoshop brushes set (Photoshop 7.0 brushes)

  1. haha hiya again, scratch that last comment i discovred ur instructions on how to do it haha, thank you very much it was a great help haha, i feel stupid now!!! and ive dowloaded a few more of your brush sets there amazing thankyou x (i’ll make a donation and purchase premium sets when i set up paypal)

  2. I love your site, you are so amazingly talented and make it so easy for a novice to try things without feeling overwhelmed. I shall pass your name on again and again.

  3. oh , i love this brush … 😉 but it didn’t work in my photoshop , i have 7.0 , but it said that it wasn’t compatible with that version … :/

  4. felicia I just downloaded this brushes set from my server (again, just to check your statement), unpacked the zip, opened my Photoshop 7.0, loaded my bsilvia_hearts_brushes_8_lite_photoshop7.abr file and it all works fine.

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