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Free Doodle Hearts Photoshop brushes

And here comes another fresh freebie! We won’t let the Valentines day catch us off-guard this year (too), right? Doodle Hearts Photoshop brushes and a hi-res Hearts background are just one click away. Each. 😀 But Valentines day is not the only reason why I made today’s freebies. The matter of fact is that today was […]

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Love Birds Photoshop Brushes Set

*_* So. It’s done. It’s late at night, it took me two days (ok not two full days but still) and I feel very much like just crashing into bed, but these brushes needed to be out tonight! Even if this will be one of the most boring or shortests posts I ever made, I […]

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Love Card, Design Template

“Love card????” I hear you say “Helooo?!!?! It’s, like, three months before Valentine’s day! Why can’t you just make something for Christmas like everybody else?“ I know. I can’t help it. Love is in the air and muses just don’t care about timing. So, I sat by my trusted PC (no I still haven’t saved […]

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New Free Photoshop Brushes Set: Musical Symbols

Music heals the soul, I bet it helped you calm down or cheer up many times. Whether it’s rock, jazz, rumba, samba, pop or classical music… it doesn’t really matter. We all enjoy it. Now, having said that, here is a little something I wanted to do for a long time. But somehow the muses […]

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Free: Photoshop Brushes Downloads – Valentine’s Day

Gang,Valentine’s day is here, knocking at the door and I just know you will want to make some cool thematic graphics and many of you probably plan on making some commercial projects related to the Valentine’s Day. Whatever it is that you do, or plan doing you will need to make sure that you won’t […]

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Valentines Day Photoshop brushes Video Trailer

Gang, I already told you about Igor Ferderber, a dear friend who makes beautiful video trailers. Well he did not stop with our 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET video, oh no! We did not let him! Just today, he freshly released another great one, living up to the expectations or even exceeding them, what can […]

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Valentine’s Day Teddy Bears

Gang, Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer. And we don’t want to be caught off guard when it happens! Therefore,  this post, I prepared some free downloads to make sure you’ve got what you need at the D-day 🙂 (Or should I say: V-Day :)) So, for starters, here comes the Valentine’s Day Teddy […]

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Valentines’ Day iPhone Wallpapers

Gang! Yesterday was all about grabbing those Desktop Wallpaper Calendars, and today? I’m diving into crafting some lovely Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpapers just for you. I just know you’re gonna LOVE these! Especially those of you who use iPhone, because these are Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpapers. Feel free to download and install them on your […]

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Tweet! Tweet! Springtime and Photoshop brushes

Gang! You know how I always emphasize the potential of Photoshop brushes when it comes to making some extra bucks (and we could all use some, right? :)) So, in one of my recent posts I was sharing my happiness with you because someone just bought a T-Shirt that I made with a little help […]

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