Tweet! Tweet! Springtime and Photoshop brushes


You know how I always emphasize the potential of Photoshop brushes when it comes to making some extra bucks (and we could all use some, right? :))

So, in one of my recent posts I was sharing my happiness with you because someone just bought a T-Shirt that I made with a little help of my Photoshop brushes! And just as I finished that post someone bought 99 buttons that I also made with a little help from my Photoshop brushes.

Photoshop professionals, enthusiasts and graphic designers do all kinds of commercial projects and businesses with my Photoshop brushes (and vectors from my shop). For instance, some do:

  1. Rubber stamps
  2. Others do invitations (all kinds of invitations)
  3. Then, logos
  4. Business cards
  5. Greeting cards
  6. Table numbers (yes, for wedding occasions)
  7. Web Designs
  8. Not to mention digital scrapbooks
  9. Photo books
  10. Packaging!

And the list goes on…

Tweet! Tweet! Springtime!

So, don’t hesitate to try in case you never tried before. It is fun! It’s easy and it’s fun! And we all know that the best creations are done when you’are having fun doing it.

Did you notice these Hollywood actors, for instance, when they are giving an interview about that great movie that got an Oscar? They always say: “We had so much fun doing it!” And they are not just saying that! They really had fun. The more fun you have while creating, the better creation will be.

So, I had some fun creating stuff for my Zazzle shop and the outcome is here 🙂

make custom gifts at Zazzle

No reason for you not to have fun  and make great stuff too!

Oh, by the way, the February edition of GBG eZine is out!

Here is a little preview of what’s inside:

(1) Kisses Photoshop Brushes set
(2) A very SPECIAL OFFER: Save 10% on 800+ MEGA Set PS Brushes
(3) Grunge Hearts Photoshop Brushes set
(4) Grunge Hearts II Photoshop Brushes set
(5) Hearts Photoshop Brushes set LITE
(6) Circled Hearts Photoshop Brushes set LITE
(7) Valentines Photoshop Brushes set LITE
(8) Valentine Frames Photoshop Brushes set
(9) Crowned Hearts Photoshop Brushes set
(10) Valentine Word art 5 High Quality PNG files
(11) Heartly Background 12×12 inches, print ready
(12) Valentines card template
(13) Digital Scrapbook Quick Page
(14) NEW: Valentine’s Day Note Cards
(15) NEW: Valentine’s Day Textures (Backgrounds)
(16) A Very Special GBG offer (prolonged until 12th of February)

So, if you think you just saw something interesting for you, just join GBG and the link to this eZine and other free downloads will be sent to you.

In the meantime, have fun creating and make sure to prepare something cool for Valentine’s day!


Oh, and the picture on the top of the article? It is, basically an announcement of the GBG eZine February edition that is out now!