Valentines’ Day iPhone Wallpapers

Valentines' Day iPhone Wallpapers
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Valentines’ Day iPhone Wallpapers


Yesterday was all about grabbing those Desktop Wallpaper Calendars, and today? I’m diving into crafting some lovely Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpapers just for you. I just know you’re gonna LOVE these! Especially those of you who use iPhone, because these are Valentine’s Day iPhone Wallpapers.

Feel free to download and install them on your iPhone.

Valentine's Day iPhone Wallpaper
Valentine's Day iPhone Wallpaper
Valentine's Day iPhone Wallpaper
Valentine's Day iPhone Wallpaper

Needless to say, these were all made with a little (or should I say big) help from my friends Photoshop brushes.

But not just any Photoshop brushes. Oh, no!
For this special effect I created a special set of brushes which I named – “Bokeh”.

Why bokeh? Well, while in photography, bokeh (shortly: aesthetic quality of the blur) is easy to create with almost any kind of camera, in graphic design many people find it desirable but hard to create.

I bet you’d like to do something like that and then show-off on Facebook, or Flickr, or your blog, or Photobook, etc… etc… right? :))

No probs!

Tomorrow, I will post a video tutorial on how to create and use bokeh (effect like the one on the images above) in your daily designs 🙂

So, tomorrow is a very special day, with a very special tutorial! Stay tuned!



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