February 2010 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

Last night I dreamt that my cat Poofah whispered to my ear:
“Make the February Calendar Desktop Wallpaper… make the February Calendar Desktop Wallpaper… ”
I opened my eyes. Poofah was sitting on my pillow. Starring at me. In silence. Her yellow eyes were glittering in the dark.

Just a distant howling of the lone wolf. Owl shrieked and flew away. Clouds were passing by the full moon.

OK. I exaggerated a bit with this wolf, moon and owl thing but still, I look at Poofah in suspicion ever since. And silence is all I get – ever since.

Anyways, I just had to make sure that such nightmare won’t happen’ again so I sat by my computer, opened some of my favorite Photoshop brushes and voila: February 2010 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper is here (Download link is below)!

I know you won’t miss the Poofah influence in the design. Sorry, I could not escape it 🙂

So, enjoy these wallpapers or enjoy even more creating your own designs with the superb Photoshop brushes from my little shop of wonders for designers 🙂

Love you all!
Silvia (the one from the woods, but I’ll explain that later, maybe in the P.S. 🙂

Ok. I’ll explain that now.
My name, Silvia, in Latin, means – the one from the woods.
Archaic Latin alphabet does not have “Y”, that’s why my mother insisted that my name was Silvia and not Sylvia. Anyways, I might even turn into a werewolf once a month for all that I know :))

Now, that got me thinking. I might even call my next company “Werewolf designs”… uhmmmm… cool…

Download February 2010 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper here:

  1. 1024×768
  2. 1280×800
  3. 1280×1024
  4. 1440×900
  5. 1680×1050

To create this wallpaper I used the following Photoshop brushes:

Valentine's Hearts Set Photoshop Brushes

Valentine’s Day Photoshop Brushes from Graphics-Illustrations.Com Shop and Cats PS Brushes available for free download to GBG members only and if you are not the member you can JOIN GBG HERE 🙂