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October 2011 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

I know, I know. It’s 5th already. Well, what can I say? It is a kind of tradition. I am almost always late with calendar wallpapers. Instead of publishing it few days before 1st, I publish it few days after the beginning of the month. I hope you can forgive me. You know how it […]

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The Sounds of Spring, March 2011 Desktop Wallpaper Download

What’s that sound that I hear? What’s that sound that I hear? Is that the spring coming? Is that what I hear? Ever since the December I started the countdown for the Spring. Yes, I don’t like cold weather, or snow or ice. None of it. I need to be kept on a warm place […]

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September Desktop Wallpaper Calendar – Free Download

It is a weird day today. Especially the sunset I’m watching right now. It rains, clouds are low, but still, far away, from the west, sun shines through, making drops of water sparkle on the trees in yellow, red and orange colors. Of course, the rainbow appeared too. On the east side where all is […]

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This World is Full of Opportunities – Desktop Wallpaper

Guys, I received an email the other day. It came from Germany and it was from a young woman who’s dream is to be a fashion designer. She wanted to buy my 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET because the brushes there were just what she needed for her first fashion line but she wanted to […]

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The Importance of Not Giving Up (II)

I already wrote about this before and now it’s the time to encourage myself (and all of you who need encouragement) again. The importance of not giving up. Why is it important not to give up?Because we never know what’s awaiting for us just around the corner. Striving and trying keeps the hope alive and […]

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February 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Last night I dreamt that my cat Poofah whispered to my ear:“Make the February Calendar Desktop Wallpaper… make the February Calendar Desktop Wallpaper… “I opened my eyes. Poofah was sitting on my pillow. Starring at me. In silence. Her yellow eyes were glittering in the dark. Just a distant howling of the lone wolf. Owl […]

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Photoshop brushes and how we used them in 2009

Guys!Here is a retrospective of what we’ve done in 2009. I had no IDEA that I made so MANY different examples on how to use Photoshop brushes during 2009! There was also a bunch of new Photoshop brushes and loads of fun! So, without further ado, here is a small retrospective and a bunch of […]

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Free download: January 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Dear all,believe it or not, the time has come to prepare for January 2010. Time sure files.So, what did I do? I prepared a free desktop wallpaper with January 2010 Calendar. Sizes available: This wallpaper was created with a little help from my friends as follows: OK guys, that’s it for today. I hope you […]

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