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How to Make a Valentine’s Envelope

Hello, my dear Photoshop brushes and DiY addicts! Valentine’s day is near and now is the right time to get ready and prepare some nice surprises for the ones we love. We all know that the best gifts are the ones that we prepare by ourselves. So, for today I prepared a little DiY tutorial […]

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Photoshop brushes and how we used them in 2009

Guys!Here is a retrospective of what we’ve done in 2009. I had no IDEA that I made so MANY different examples on how to use Photoshop brushes during 2009! There was also a bunch of new Photoshop brushes and loads of fun! So, without further ado, here is a small retrospective and a bunch of […]

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Photoshop Brushes in Action: Envelope Design

Two weeks ago, I had this idea to create a unique envelope for my sisters-in-law birthday. But, in the meantime, she left for vacation and now she’s enjoying Californian hotels 🙂 So, I still have a chance to make a unique envelope for her birthday and it will wait for her when she’s back! So, […]

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