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August 2010. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

August. Yes, it is here – the hottest month of the year! I made this August Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for a monthly competition on Smashing Magazine, and they accepted it! (thank you guys) My theme was nature, but not just usual nature visualization but “Nature’s dream” – well, at least I thought what nature’s dream […]

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February 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Last night I dreamt that my cat Poofah whispered to my ear: “Make the February Calendar Desktop Wallpaper… make the February Calendar Desktop Wallpaper… ” I opened my eyes. Poofah was sitting on my pillow. Starring at me. In silence. Her yellow eyes were glittering in the dark. Just a distant howling of the lone […]

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Photoshop brushes in Action: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar – December 2009

Hi Gang, As most of you know, I’ve issued new Photoshop brushes set: Christmas Ornaments. These are 25 brushes in 3 sizes and they are not available for sale. They come as a special add-on bonus for GBG members who purchase through the link in our latest eZine. So, if you are still not the […]

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