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Photoshop brushes in Action: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar – December 2009

Hi Gang, As most of you know, I’ve issued new Photoshop brushes set: Christmas Ornaments (10) Download the Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: December 2009 in following sizes: 1. 1024×768 px2. 1280×1024 px3. 1680×1050 px Photoshop brushes set: Christmas Ornaments (10)

Free Downloads

Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Gang! Here comes another free calendar wallpaper. It’s for June. I know, it’s 2nd already, but it was a busy month for me. How busy? Well, I had to prepare June edition of our GBG eZine, then there is always some some work to do on the Facebook GI Fan page, then I prepared a […]

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