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How I Solved A Problem Of Zentangle Cat Cookies Deficit

When you read about on how to decide on what to build, create and offer to the market it all comes down to a single question:  “What problem are you solving with your product or a service?” So, Silvia, what problem are you solving with your zentangle cats?   Well, isn’t it obvious? I am solving […]

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Cats and Kittens and 6 New Lives in My Garage

Few weeks ago, just before the sunset, Maneki showed up in front of my house. This yellow eyed cat just sat there and starred at me for a while. Then, she stood up and walked confidently towards me brushed against my legs, purred a bit and after few minutes of introduction we knew, she is […]

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2 cats Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page – Free download

Guys, Just before we go and present new free download for this post, please allow me to introduce our new pet, Poofahs new friend, the one and only Meacco Peacco aka Alphons the Third! “This is just an artificial mouse they let me play with. But I ain’t complaining, yet.” “I am still very young. […]

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Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Gang! Here comes another free calendar wallpaper. It’s for June. I know, it’s 2nd already, but it was a busy month for me. How busy? Well, I had to prepare June edition of our GBG eZine, then there is always some some work to do on the Facebook GI Fan page, then I prepared a […]

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Digital Scrapbook Quick Page “Lazy Days” (Approved by Poofitzah)

Poofitzah is celebrating her ninth month! In fact, we are not sure about the  exact birth date because she was a stray cat… but we believe that she was born sometime between 15th and 25th of August 🙂 So, to honor the occasion, I uploaded some new photos of Poofitzah here –>> And after this […]

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Hand Painted Woman’s Pantyhose

Hello! By now, everyone knows that we have a cat. Well, it’s not just a cat, it’s really our family member. So, when I have something to do – she must help me or she will be very very sad or even offended! In one of my previous posts I was already telling you about […]

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New Photoshop Brushes – And Amazed Little Kitten

Gang! Before I present you with my new Photoshop brushes, I just have to share this with you: Here I am, getting ready to finish my work but just can’t keep my eyes of Poofitzah. The level if interest she shows in most trivial things is amazing. I mean, how much fun can one have […]

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New Photoshop Brushes – Cats

Gang, We have a new family member! (who inspired me to finally finish the Cats Photoshop brushes that I started to work on last June) Gorgeous little kitten, barely two months old, called Poomfoolyitzah! I know, it is almost impossible to pronounce so we gave her a nickname Poofitzah! I know, this is probably not […]

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