Just before we go and present new free download for this post, please allow me to introduce our new pet, Poofahs new friend, the one and only

Meacco Peacco aka Alphons the Third!

Meacco Peacco aka Alphons the Third

This is just an artificial mouse they let me play with. But I ain’t complaining, yet.

Meacco Peacco aka Alphons the Third

I am still very young. I was born just few weeks ago and I’m always hungry. Enough talk now, gimme something to eat, it’s been 15 minutes since I had my snack…

Now, who wouldn’t adore this little kitten!

Our little Meacco Peacco aka Alphons inspired me for todays free download! I’m talking about the brand new, fresh from my little factory

Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page – 2 Cats

8x8inches Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page – PNG transparent file

8×8inches Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page – PNG transparent file

This is an transparent file, so you can freely insert some other pictures and have your own digital scrapbook page in no time.

Typography is also not included so you can enter whatever text you see fit.

[ DOWNLOAD ZIP Digital Scrapbooking Quick Page HERE ]

As always, I did this page using my Photoshop brushes and here is the list of what was used and where:

  1. Photoshop Brushes: Hawaiian Flowers
    [click here to find out more]
  2. Photoshop brushes – Photo Corners
    [click here to find out more]
  3. Tag shapes, Photoshop brushes set
  4. Circled hearts, Photoshop brushes set
    [click here to find out more]
  5. Lightworks Photoshop Brushes set
    [click here to find out more – free download!]

So, there you go. This is another example of how to use Photoshop brushes and I hope you will like it.

Of course, you can benefit from good Photoshop brushes in, like, zillion ways … well, ok, maybe not zillion, but killion. And killion is still a lot.
You know I did photo decorations with Wedding Photoshop brushes set, I did mugs, aprons, web designs and not to mention how Photoshop brushes can be applied in our Graphics-Illustrations 2009 Competition.

So, explore, create and most of all, have fun!

Love you all,