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I am so grateful for today! Received so many good news (business wise and life wise), sales are going well (more and more people see how they can benefit from my products), there are more enrollments for the competition than I ever hoped for, the weather is perfect, after two years of writing and creating content for this blog I made a lot of new friends who I love and respect. Last but not the least, we have a new cat arrival (Peacco, 7 weeks old) and everything is just so perfect that I had to share it with you.

I hope you are having a great one too. If not, I suggest you start creating something (do some designs in Photoshop, could be something for the Competition). It might be a little difficult in the beginning, but if you are persistant, in the end, your effort will be rewarded and you will feel good 🙂 Guaranteed!

Oh, before I forget, some of you asked me about the prizes for the Graphics-Illustrations 2009 Competition.

So, there are 7 prizes all together for 7 best designers.

1st Place:

Graphics-Illustrations.Com T-Shirt + One PREMIUM Photoshop Brushes set (up to $9.00)

Graphics-Illustrations.Com T-Shirt

2nd Place:

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Grocery Tote Bag + One PREMIUM Background Pack

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Grocery Tote Bag

3rd Place:

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Mug + Surprise gift from Graphics-Illustrations.Com

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Mug

4th Place:


5th Place:


6th Place:


7th Place:


So, these are the prizes and a reminder: to enroll the Competition download (not available anymore) these blog headers:

2 free headers download (ZIP)

Give them you special “touch” and finish them up.

Then send your work to my email or submit to Graphics-Illustrations.Com Fan Page.

Wait until 12th July when the winners will be announced.

That’s it for today!

Love ya all, have fun creating!

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8 thoughts on “Free Blog Headers

  1. Thanks alot 🙂 and nice to hear that your having good time 🙂
    Prizes are so awesome!

  2. Is it too late to enter this contest?….I would Love to join in…I thought I had signed up but do not see a comment…hmmmm strange*LOL*…anyhoo I’ll check back after church for a response….

  3. Are the other entries posted so I can have a look?…I’m just very curious…teehee….Im sure they are all beuatiful….very generous of you to give such wonderful prizes….

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