Competition, prizes and one birthday

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Competition, prizes and one birthday

Here is an update on the competition that was announced in my previous post.

The prizes. Budget has been collected, decisions have been reached.

And the prizes for the Graphics-Illustrations.Com 2009 Competition are:

1st Place:

Graphics-Illustrations.Com T-Shirt + One PREMIUM Photoshop Brushes set (up to $9.00)

Graphics-Illustrations.Com T-Shirt

2nd Place:

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Grocery Tote Bag + One PREMIUM Background Pack

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Grocery Tote Bag

3rd Place:

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Mug + Surprise gift from Graphics-Illustrations.Com

Graphics-Illustrations.Com Mug

I know it ain’t much. But what can I say?! I give what I can afford. I still don’t have my own Mac you know. (Using the sisters one when she’s asleep ;.) wiping off the fingerprints in the morning… hehe, Just kidding of course 🙂

So, anyways, if you decide to do some work and send it over – one of these prizes could be yours. It should be easy. I don’t expect more than three persons to compete anyway 🙂

I know I’d go for it. At least to be able to tell my friends, later on: “Hey, look what I’ve got on the graphic design competition!”

So, if you’re up to it – here’s the details on on the Graphics-Illustraions 2009 ompetition ->

Also, one other thing.

The Birthday.

Yes, my dear friends and visitors, this summer, Graphics-Illustrations.Com is celebrating 2 years since it started. The success of this blog is, well, I didn’t expect much anyway, and I must thank you all for your help and support. The mission and the goal of my blog was to offer interesting articles and a bunch of free downloads for graphic designers, scrapbookers, professionals and enthusiasts alike. The idea was to make your life easier with some free and some HiQuality Photoshop brushes, backgrounds, illustrations, etc…

So, after two years, I think this little blog of mine did well. Of course, there is always a room for improvement and, as always, we all need to work on our selves and improve in every aspect of life at all  times.

Wise man said: Improving yourself is like paddling against the river’s current, you need to paddle hard to make a progress and if you stop paddling you’ll find yourself going backward before you know it. (I’m not sure if it went exactly like this, but that was, more or less the message. It was about paddling … I know that for sure 🙂

OK. Guys, that’s it for now, have a great one and don’t forget to have fun creating! If you do that your creation will look good – guaranteed 🙂

While creating, don’t think about what will others will think about your creation, just have fun and as long as you are having fun, you’ll know you’re on the right path.


There goes another idea. If you work in a company that would maybe consider to offer some prizes for the Graphics-Illustrations.Com Competition … naaah … I didn’t think so …

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8 thoughts on “Competition, prizes and one birthday

  1. Hi Sivlvia! I really look forward to your emails in my mail box too! Also love the work you’ve done. Happy Birthday! You’ve created something you can be very proud of. Now, I have to go see about this competition! Hugs, Julie

  2. Hai Silvia

    I from malaysia , i very -very happy with this blog, i learning everyday with new things came out (brush). I wish many many more happy return of the day. I hope verybody are enjoing with this blog.


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