2 free headers download


I bet many of you have your own blogs or web sites! Many of you are designers, professionals or enthusiasts. And many of you just plan on doing some graphic design in the future.

One way or another, for today I prepared 2 free Blog/Web headers. Those are kind of standard dimensions for blogs and  I hope those will be useful.

The advantage of those headers is that, so far, no one has them. So, if you use those and add your own “final” touch to them, you will have unique blog headers without having to do everything from scratch.

Also, this is kind of presentation of my latest free Photoshop brushes set: Circles circles because headers were made with those brushes.

I did not want to fill it with various graphic details. I left the backgrounds pretty “light” in purpose. “What purpose?” I hear you say. “I want them loaded with stuff!”

Well, as I said, these are just to get you started. You can open one or all of them in your favorite software application and add your own, personal “touch” to give them unique look.

Hey, another thing just occurred to me!!! Why don’t you just do that?!

Add your final touch to those headers, send them back to me (or post them to Graphics-Illustrations Facebook page and I will reward the best ones with a prize! See the prizes here!

Yeah! Let’s just do that and see how it goes. I will just have to figure out what prizes to offer. Anyways, until then here is something for you to think about.

So, here is what to do. Three simple steps:

  1. download the headers,
  2. add a “final touch” to one or more of them. (To make it even easier, feel free to use Photoshop brushes too!)
  3. send them back to my email address or, even better, post them to the Graphics-Illustrations facebook page before 5th 12th of July 2009.

2 free headers download

So, if you feel like creating something but need a little “push” – well, that’s it, there goes your “push” 🙂

[ DOWNLOAD ZIP 2 Free Header created with Circles circles Photoshop Brushes set HERE ]

Love you all,

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