Circles circles Photoshop brushes set (15+15)


I didn’t feel quite well last few days, but today I’m all back on track now, almost fully recovered and in a great mood.

What does it mean? It means that, the time has come, for the brand new, and free, and totally cool, and … well,

ladies and gentleman, let me present you

Circles circles Photoshop brushes set (15+15)

Circles circles, Photoshop Brushes set: LITE free edition

Why did I call it Circles, circles?

Because, one “Circles” just wouldn’t cut it! That’s why. These are really “Circles, circles!”

Now, these might seem to be quite simple all right, but in a smart combination with other brushes, backgrounds and graphics from my little factory, these can fit in just perfectly and round your work up 🙂

Some of you probably noticed how my brushes come in two different sizes. I do it on purpose. Why?

Well, you see, when you increase or decrease the size of the brush too much outside of it’s original dimensions it tends to lose quality.

Since I have always been a perfectionist and just could not stand to see ANY quality loss whatsoever, I figured it’s only fair to produce brushes in two dimensions.

So if you need smaller size, you pick smaller size and just fine tune it.

Same goes for the big ones. If you need a big brush, pick up the big brush from the brushes window and  just fine-tune it’s size for your graphics until it fits perfectly into what you had in mind.

Gang, this set is completely FREE. If you are looking for some real PREMIUM stuff – click here ->

So, here is what to do:

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Love you all,