Swirls and Circles Photoshop Brushes Set

Swirls and Circles Photoshop Brushes Set
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Swirls and Circles Photoshop Brushes Set

Yeehaa! Here it is! New Photoshop brushes set: Swirls and Circles (7 high res brushes) and, again, it’s free!

Look at this beauty! 😉

Swirls and Circles Photoshop Brushes Set


And please, please, don’t let those free downloads stop you from taking a peek at my Etsy shop.

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32 thoughts on “Swirls and Circles Photoshop Brushes Set

  1. I have downloaded these brushes twice now and keep getting an error message that the file is corrupt !! Do you think you could please have a look at it for me, and e-mail me your response ?? Thanks a bunch !!

  2. Please disregard previous message, I tried again and third time proved it !! came in ok sorry !! and they truly are beautiful brushes, thanks for sharing them !!

  3. I love the brushes, but can’t get the zip file to open, I keep getting the message, invalid file. Any idea what could be causing that?

  4. I am unable to download these FABULOUS brushes….getting an error message of a corrupt file…..have tried several times, closing down and reloading, no luck 🙁

    I’ll try at home tonight…..thanks for your awesome work!

  5. Gloria and Anke, I just tested the download and it worked fine. Maybe there was some issue with the server at the time when you tried to download. Anyway, I’ve just sent you the brushes by email 🙂

    I love you all!

  6. thank you so much for sharing your hard work..
    you have a wonderful website and I’m sure i will spend alot of time here..

  7. Hey, thank you for these fantastic brushes!!! They’re gorgeous!

    I have a question for you, and I can’t think of anyone more likely to know the answer: in Photoshop Elements, is there a way to keep the Brush Options drop-down open while you’re using the brush tool? Or is there at least a keyboard shortcut for it? It drives me crazy to have to go up to the toolbar and click it every time I want to change the angle of my brush, etc.


  8. Yay! I didn’t miss this trial period. Once again, these are beautiful, and I love the Retro feel of the example pic.

  9. Elnora, sorry for the late answer. I just checked out and unfortunately, in Photoshop Elements you can not have Brushes Palette permanently visible like in Photoshop.

  10. Thanks so much for checking, Darijan! Maybe this means I have to treat myself to the full version of Photoshop? Oh, poor me! Love your work.


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  12. I cant download even i ord appy register for member, the page what i have click are not found…pls help me…

  13. I just checked and everything works fine. Can you tell me on what link do you click before getting the “Not found” message?

  14. Hello, i’m a high school senior at Pajaro Valley high school. I’m working on design elements for our yearbook and am wondering if it would be ok for me to use these brushes for it. Is that ok?

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