6 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Brushes

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6 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Brushes

Hi Gang,

While waiting for new free Photoshop brush let’s just remind ourselves about 6 most important keyboard shortcuts for brushes in Photoshop and these would be:

  1. “B” to select Brush tool on the main Toolbar
  2. “F5” to bring up Brushes Palette
  3. “[” to decrease the Brush size
  4. “]” to increase the Brush size
  5. “,” to move to the previous brush in Brushes palette
  6. “.” to move to the next brush in Bushes palette

Photoshop brush selectionBrushes Palette

For next time we are preparing a cool video tutorial about saving Photoshop brushes settings where we’re also giving some more useful hints and tips so – stay tuned and have fun creating!

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4 thoughts on “6 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Brushes

  1. Hi! What you are doing is great! I’ve been using photoshop for a time, and you had taugh me really useful tips. Then I want to ask you about something that annoys me: do you know the way to load several brushes, let’s say all the brushes at the same time, of course adding them, not replacing. I have a lot of brushes and I want add them without spending hours in the process. If you have a hint about yhis one, you are saving my life. 😉

    Thanks, your stuff is cool, I’m your fan.

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