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Photoshop Brushes Tutorials

Tutorial: Loading Vectors into Photoshop

It happens, from time to time. People ask me: “Why would I buy vector graphics instead of Photoshop brushes. I mean brushes are cheaper”. Legitimate question. Sometimes, people also ask me: “How can I use vectors that you sell in Photoshop?” Well, that ‘s also a legitimate question. And I am going to provide some […]

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8 Stunning Photoshop Text Effects!

Gang, Before I start – Yes, it is free download πŸ™‚ As most of you already know, so far I was creating Photoshop brushes, vectors, backgrounds, textures, greeting cards and other designers little helpers to make sure you have fun working on your commercial and non-commercial projects in Photoshop. And I intend to continue to […]

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How to Create a Lomo Look in Photoshop – Video Tutorial

Guys, I don’ know if you heard about the Russian Lomo Compact Camera and the Lomography artistic movement since 1991, but personally I love Lomo and in this tutorial I will show you how to do it. To find out more about lomo go to – What is Lomography? page. As I said, I love […]

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Photoshop Action: Old Grainy Image Effect (Sepia tone)

And now something completely different: Photoshop Action – Old Grainy Image Effect by me πŸ™‚ I hope that you all know what Photoshop Actions are and what can those do for you. If not, you will find out shortly. They’re, actually, quite easy to use and are a real time savers. Basically, Photoshop action is […]


6 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Brushes

The most important shortcuts when working with Photoshop brushes are the one to select Brush tool on the main Toolbar – “B”, to get the Brushes Toolbar on the screen – “F5”, to decrease the brush size “[“, to increase the brush size “]”, to select next brush on brushes palette “.” and to select previous brush on brushes palette “,”.

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New Photoshop Brush Set Light Strokes

Tadaaaa! A new brush set is born! And it’s FREE! Had some issues on naming it… that was difficult. I knew I wanted the name to contain the word “light” but what light? Sparkling light? Dancing light… not bad but… not exactly what I was looking for. And then it occurred to me: Lightworks!Β or Light […]

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