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Photoshop Brushes Tutorials

Tutorial: Loading Vectors into Photoshop

It happens, from time to time. People ask me: “Why would I buy vector graphics instead of Photoshop brushes. I mean brushes are cheaper”. Legitimate question. Sometimes, people also ask me: “How can I use vectors that you sell in Photoshop?” Well, that ‘s also a legitimate question. And I am going to provide some […]

Free Downloads Illustrator freebies

New Vectors for Your Scrapbook and Design Projects

After some time crafting with care, I’m thrilled to unveil my latest creation, the 35 Swirls and Stars Vector set! Perfect for enhancing projects in scrapbooking, graphic, and web design, these versatile vectors save you time and elevate your work. Available in multiple formats and with a commercial license, these vectors are ready to spark your creativity. Enjoy the free download and remember – have fun creating!


Tutorial: How to draw a banner (scroll) in Illustrator

Wrapping scrolls around illustrations or images are quite popular designers little trick these days. I’ll show you how to draw a scroll “easy way”. Step 1Assuming that you know how the scroll (banner) looks like, draw just one half of it (start left or right from the center). I am using the Wacom tablet and […]


Tutorial: Simple web shop icon

Let me show you how I created a simple web shop icon (shop trolley). In Illustrator (or similar vector software) make a simplified shop trolley “L” shape (the handle + basis). Now, we will select the basis line and copy it two more times to get something similar to E shape where the left vertical […]

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