Tutorial: Loading Vectors into Photoshop

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Tutorial: Loading Vectors into Photoshop

It happens, from time to time. People ask me: “Why would I buy vector graphics instead of Photoshop brushes. I mean brushes are cheaper”. Legitimate question.

Sometimes, people also ask me: “How can I use vectors that you sell in Photoshop?”

Well, that ‘s also a legitimate question. And I am going to provide some answers. Here. And now.

For the first one, regarding the comparison between Photoshop brushes and vectors, vectors have one huge advantage: You can resize them as much as you want and you will not lose a bit of the quality. Not a single bit. So, for instance, say you just like one part of the vector shape and you’d like to include that part into your design. And, furthermore you’d like that part to be particualrly big. And, in addition, you want to make your design print ready (say: at 300dpi). Now, that’s something. And, if you know a bit about Illustrator, you’d like to modify this part of the shape … now, all this is not a problem when you have vectors. Whether it be eps or ai file, both of them can be imported into Photoshop, in any size of the document, at any resolution, these shapes can be resized as much as you want and twist them, and bend them and squeeze them, stretch… put them in the 3D perspective, you name it. It is all possible with vectors.

And finally, you can easily make Photoshop brushes with vectors.

Now, I hope this answers the question of advantages of vectors.

Now, why would I want to get Photoshop brush in this case? – I hear you say.

Well, there are two main reasons:

  1. Price – Photoshop brushes are cheaper
  2. Time – when you are in hurry, it is much faster to just load the brush and place it wherever you want and if you buy my brushes, the size will not be an issue to as I tend to provide two different sizes to all my PREMIUM brushes, so that you don’t have to overstretch them and so that the quality is preserved despite the resizing.

Ok. Now, for the second question: How do I load and use vector shapes in Photoshop?

As they say, a picture speaks a hundreds words, so I made a gazillion pictures and placed them into a sequence and what did I get? You guessed –  a video. A video that shows how to load and use vector shapes/files in Photoshop.

Tutorial: Placing EPS files into Photoshop from bsilvia on Vimeo.

So, my dear friends I hope this was useful, I hope your questions were answered and, of course, let me know if there is anything else you’d like to learn because I am always looking for a fresh ideas on what to write:))

Love you all,


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