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Making Of Marcus Aurelius Fan Club Logo & A TShirt

🙂 In modern civilization, meaning nowadays, we are conditioned to admire those who entertain us. Now, there is nothing wrong with it, we all like to be entertained, but at the same time we totally ignore those who share their wisdom with us. How many people today know about Lady Gaga? And how many know about Marcus […]

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How I Solved A Problem Of Zentangle Cat Cookies Deficit

When you read about on how to decide on what to build, create and offer to the market it all comes down to a single question:  “What problem are you solving with your product or a service?” So, Silvia, what problem are you solving with your zentangle cats?   Well, isn’t it obvious? I am solving […]

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GBG eZine, March 2015 Edition is Out!

Most of the newsletters today are being sent out on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. However, there is this one special newsletter that is being sent every 2,5 years 🙂 Yes, ladies and gentleman, the GBG eZine, March 2015 edition is OUT! Last GBG eZine was out in October 2012 and it took me […]

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Damask Vector Illustrations Pack (22) – And Some Free Damask Vectors Too

Gang, Damask Photoshop brushes were such a huge success (page 1 on Google too:)) !!! I can’t believe it! Thank you for liking it! And that’s not all. Many of you asked for vectors. And when you, guys, say something – I listen. Yes, I agree. If you’re good in Illustrator, CorelDRAW! or similar vector […]

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Photoshop brushes and Rubber Stamps

Whenever, someone buys 800+ Photoshop brushes MEGA SET* I offer additional free SPECIAL brush as a sign of gratitude to those who let me know how did they find me. And I am thankful to all of you who replied. But, more often than not, many buyers also tell me why did they buy that […]

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Fresh Fruits, Fresh Photoshop Brushes (Digital Stamps) set

And now, something completely – fresh! Ladies and gentleman, finally, after many many hours of hard work, early this morning, just after the sunrise, I completed the latest, the newest and the freshest: Fruits Photoshop Brushes set Now it’s the fresh fruits time, vitamins and taste, what can I say, these will add some freshness […]

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Swirled Trees, New Photoshop Brushes – Digital Stamps set

OK. I can give you a short update on what’s going on so you won’t think I’m just sitting here doing nothing all day 😉 Actually, I am working hard, preparing a two new Photoshop brushes sets. One will be called Swirled Trees. And the other one – Fantasy Birds. As some of you, Facebook […]

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Christmas Illustrations

Christmas is coming. And maybe I would not notice too if the sales of Christmas Illustrations didn’t go up sharply in the last few days. Obviously, designers, desktop publishers, art directors and marketing managers don’t waste time. After all, almost  every one of us prepares at least some kind of graphics for Christmas, I thought […]

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