Fresh Fruits, Fresh Photoshop Brushes (Digital Stamps) set

Fresh Fruits, Fresh Photoshop Brushes (Digital Stamps) set
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Fresh Fruits, Fresh Photoshop Brushes (Digital Stamps) set

And now, something completely – fresh!

Ladies and gentleman, finally, after many many hours of hard work, early this morning, just after the sunrise, I completed the latest, the newest and the freshest Photoshop brushes set


Now it’s the fresh fruits time, vitamins and taste, what can I say, these will add some freshness and add a sweet taste to your designs, whatever it may be, graphic design, web design, scrapbooking or, imagine this, even birthday card design (I did a birthday card design for my cousin Danny but we’ll talk about that later in some other post.)

So, if you were wondering what they look like, here is the preview link:

| PREVIEW Fruits Photoshop brushes set |

So, the package contains 6 fruits in 2 styles both styles in 2 sizes – so, it is a 6+6+6+6 combination, a total of 24 Photoshop brushes for you to enjoy and have fun with! 🙂

This set is dedicated to GBG Members, it is my way of saying: “Thank you for your support“. Find out more about GBG Memberships here –>>

Fruits Photoshop Brushes set

That’s all for now. Stay well, eat healthy food and always remember to have fun creating!



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