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Photoshop Text Effects Pack

An update: Photoshop Text Effects Pack is finished, and there’s a freebie too 🙂

I know, you must be wondering why on the world did I decide to use the Winter theme in the middle of the Summer? And you surely must be wondering why do I want to promote winter text effect, again, in the middle of the Summer?!

Beats me. I guess I just had a day like this. Not a good marketer. I know.

Anyhow, hereby I want to announce a new product. This time it is a pure PSD files with several layers. But, this one will enable you to get these text effects quickly and with no effort whatsoever.

I hope you will like it.

Of course, you will be able to lettering and the font as per you preferences.

Snow Text Effects

Anyways, here is another sample on this new Text Effects Pack – Rain, not that much of a Winter theme any more, innit?:

Rain Text Effects

So, Text Effect Pack will consist of 6 different text effect for Photoshop! Every text effect will be presented on 12×12 inches background suitable for the effect.

Some text effect will be linked to the background (like this one above) but you can change the background with another one from your photo-album (for example: if you took the picture of water drops that fall from the window you can use it in this psd file)

OK, that’s it. You just saw half of this new pack 🙂 Next three text effects will be presented when completed 🙂

And the tutorial on how to use them is on it’s way too.

Have a great Sunday,