Before I start – Yes, there is a freebie too down below in this post 🙂

As most of you already know, so far I was creating Photoshop brushes, vectors, backgrounds, textures, greeting cards and other designers little helpers to make sure you have fun working on your commercial and non-commercial projects in Photoshop.

And I intend to continue to do so in the future.

Having said that, ladies and gentleman, it is my great pleasure (and honor) today (gee … I’m so excited! It took me a while to create these and I am so happy with the results!!!) please let me to present you the latest product from my little factory of magic

Special Text Effexts for Photoshop

(8 stunning effects)

Photoshop Text Effects Pack of 8 (8 layered and editable PSD files)

Simply the best, quickest and the funniest way to create special text effects in Photoshop.

1. “Baby” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

2. “Colorful” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

3. “Golden” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

4. “Grunge” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

5. “Metal” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

6. “Snow” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

7. “Space” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

8. “Water” Photoshop text effect

Photoshop Text Effects

And, as always, I had to make sure you’ll be able to start working with them in no time, so I prepared a short video tutorial which will show you how to use Photoshop text effect pack.

All PSD files in the box are in 3600×3600 pix (12×12 inches) @300 dpi, which means the text effects are print ready so you can use them not just for web but also for your print projects.

Do I need to mention that they are ok for commercial use too? Well, yes they are. By all means, use them in your commercial projects.

This PSD files are fully editable in Photoshop CS4 and newer versions (CS5 of course). I am not sure if they work with CS, CS2 or CS3 this still needs to be tested out. However, if you have some of these versions just get the freebie and test before you buy the full package.

Of course, should you run into any issues using it please email me or post a comment so I can help you out!

Now, as I said, one of the text effects presented in this post is a FREEBIE.

But I won’t tell you which one – hehehe! (??? I see some question marks over there …:))

You will have to find the freebie yourself. Link is in this post, but it’s hidden.

What!? I had to make you do something for a freebie innit? :))

Anyways, I am sure you found the freebie download link in no time.

Now, as far as the fonts are concerned, you can use these effects with any fonts.

Some of the fonts I used are free like Deftone Stylus from, some aren’t. Here is the list in case you were wondering about the names of fonts used in the pack (as I said you are not limited when it comes to fonts, just use any font you like):

  • Deftone Stylus
  • Curetana
  • Pt Banana Split
  • Elephant
  • Segoe
  • Distro Black
  • Stencil Std
  • Air Conditioner
  • Times New Roman

To get get the full package, 8 stunning Photoshop text effects, web and print ready with commercial license included and have fun making crazy effects in Photoshop in no time – just click on the box or “Buy it now” button. The price is only $3.50 and fun, including great results, is guaranteed 🙂

Buy Now! Special Text Effects for Photoshop


And, of course, I am always here should you need any help or support.




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