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Design your own CD/DVD sleeve w/Photoshop brushes

Photoshop brushes are in action again and this time we will make a CD/DVD sleeve for your 2010 New Year’s Celebration Photos. So, you made a whole bunch of photos during the holidays? I bet you did. Wouldn’t it be nice if you burn them on a CD or DVD, make a  self-made and self […]

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Free Download: Christmas Card Template

Gang! It’s time! Send your Christmas Cards now! And, as always, I am here to help you out, tickle your imagination and offer some free downloads. So, for today, I prepared a printable Christmas Card Template! Go figure, I used Christmas Photoshop Brushes Set (and this Set only) to create this card template. Now it […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

One (and Only) Exraordinary and Exclusive Christmas 2009 Photoshop Brushes Set

Of course, gang, not everything needs to be so gloomy and doomy just because the big guys on Wall Street messed it up. They still can’t take our Christmas spirit away, isn’t it? I certainly will not allow be intimidated with all this and I recommend you do the same. Cheer up! You might even […]


Winter scene, Photoshop tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create, fast and simple, but effective, winter scene in Photoshop. Use it for your own postcard, greeting card or scrapbook page. 1. Create a new document 6”x4” and color the background using Linear Gradient Tool with light blue (cyan) to white like this: 2. To make hills landscape […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

Snowy sky Photoshop brushes

Today I have a new “winter” set for free download: Snowy sky Photoshop brushes set of 13, hi-res! I transferred my blog from graphics-illustrations.blogspot.com! I have done a lot of things but works are still in progress, so please be patient 🙂

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