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Do It Yourself Christmas Wreath

Christmas time is coming and I know many of you, just like me, enjoy creating your own decorations at home, in the company of your friends and family. It’s more fun and these decorations have much bigger value than the ones bought in the mall. So, today, I came up with this idea of creating […]

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New Christmas Photoshop brushes 2010

Gang,December is here and Christmas is knocking at the door! I know many of you are looking for the right decorations, stamps, shapes and, of course, Photoshop brushes for your Christmas designs!That is why I worked so hard for the last few days. And that is why I am so tired now πŸ™‚Tired but happy!Happy […]

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Introducing: Photoshop Brushes On-Line Playground

Gang, I surely hope you are going to love at least half as much as I do! Ladies and Gentleman! Today, just a few weeks before Christmas, I proudly present you the first Graphics-Illustrations.Com On-Line application with a simple name: Photoshop brushes On-Line Playground [DISCONTINUED] This simple Photoshop brushes playground will let you play with […]

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Christmas / New Year Background for our Facebook Fans

Gang, this will be one short post. It is about giving. And I will keep it short. Promise. So, as soon as we started our Facebook fan page we proclaimed to following: And if you become FB fan, expect to receive gifts! πŸ™‚ And there were gifts! So, in the giving spirit, today we prepared […]


Creating Christmas Party Invitation /w Christmas Photoshop brushes (Part Two)

OK. As I promised in my previous post, today I will show you how to display your work on Zazzle and give yourself a chance to sell some of your work done with my Photoshop brushes. So, dimensions of our Christmas Party Invitation were 5.25” x 5.25” which is 2550 x 2550 pixels. It is […]

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Creating Christmas Party Invitation /w Christmas Photoshop brushes (Part One)

Create unique Christmas Party Invitations for your friends and family or start a new job and earn some extra money. Here goes another short tutorial where I’m trying to prove, one more time, how easy, fast and fun it can be to use Photoshop brushes. I this little tutorial I will show you how to […]

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One (and Only) Exraordinary and Exclusive Christmas 2009 Photoshop Brushes Set

Of course, gang, not everything needs to be so gloomy and doomy just because the big guys on Wall Street messed it up. They still can’t take our Christmas spirit away, isn’t it? I certainly will not allow be intimidated with all this and I recommend you do the same. Cheer up! You might even […]

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