One (and Only) Exraordinary and Exclusive Christmas 2009 Photoshop Brushes Set

Christmas Photoshop brushes
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One (and Only) Exraordinary and Exclusive Christmas 2009 Photoshop Brushes Set

Of course, gang, not everything needs to be so gloomy and doomy just because the big guys on Wall Street messed it up. They still can’t take our Christmas spirit away, isn’t it?

I certainly will not allow be intimidated with all this and I recommend you do the same. Cheer up! You might even take it easy on spending on Christmas presents but you can still make presents for your beloved ones. And if you make the presents yourself, I promise, they will have a special value and meaning for the one who gets them. Because, in these kind of presents you invested your time. And time is the most precious gift that was given to us on a day when we were born.

So, for all of you creative souls, scrap-bookers, design enthusiasts and professional graphic designers. tonight I prepared something that you will cherish and appreciate this season. Tonight, I bring you:

2009 MEGA Christmas Photoshop Brushes Set

55 brushes in 2 sizes (110 in total)

Christmas Photoshop brushes set


And what will this set do to you?

It will help you with:

  • Preparing Christmas scrap books,
  • Greeting cards
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Even decorating your apartment,
  • Make a gift like a mug or t-shirt or clothing on Zazzle or Cafepress
  • Let your imagination go wild from here

And for professional designers, you already know what I’m talking about. Some of these brushes could be a life saver on a tight deadlines. For everyone who has a site or a blog – decorate your websites with this set.

And you know how all of my brushes come with a commercial license. They are all in High Resolution. They are compatible with all versions of Photoshop from 7.0 and new versions.

I mean, with this set you can spend less this Christmas and make your present unique and beautiful.

I am offering these brushes now for free. I am a struggling artist myself and I know how it is not to have money so I always give a piece of my work away for free for those of you who can’t afford.

At the same time I am very grateful to all of you who buy my brushes, support my work and benefit from it at the same time.

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7 thoughts on “One (and Only) Exraordinary and Exclusive Christmas 2009 Photoshop Brushes Set

  1. Another great set…

    I have tried to email you but not sure whether you received it or not.. as having problems with email..

    I will resend now.. just wonder whether it may be going in your spam..

    Many thanks.. keep up the great work..
    Nikki x

  2. Sounds like a good deal. Great site design by the way. Everything is put together cohesively.

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