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Merry Christmas Everyone! And thank you for sticking with me for so long!

Gang, I just can not find the words to tell you how much I appreciate your feedback. I am receiving so many “Thank you” emails from you guys, I’m overwhelmed with emotions! This is one more proof how giving is receiving! That’s something my parents tried to teach me when I was still a kid but […]

Free Downloads Image Gallery Photoshop Brushes

Free Photoshop Brushes and A Christmas Project in July

For those of you who are impatient and want to skip to 5 free Photoshop brushes sets for immediate download they’re on the bottom of this post. Just scroll over there. Now, for the rest of you who want to find out a little bit more on what’s going on, read on. Remeber Linda? 5 […]

Free Downloads Image Gallery

Holiday Gift Tags – Free Download

Yep, I’m all in Christmas atmosphere, giving giving giving… 🙂 While my little Poofitza sleeps behind the computer screen only her tail, lurking from behind, gives away her presence and I’m thinking about this years Christmas presents for my family. It was always like this, our (wider) family gets together each year for Christmas. A […]

Free Downloads Photoshop Brushes

One (and Only) Exraordinary and Exclusive Christmas 2009 Photoshop Brushes Set

Of course, gang, not everything needs to be so gloomy and doomy just because the big guys on Wall Street messed it up. They still can’t take our Christmas spirit away, isn’t it? I certainly will not allow be intimidated with all this and I recommend you do the same. Cheer up! You might even […]

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