The Greatest Christmas Surprise Gift!

Fiona's Christmas Gifts
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The Greatest Christmas Surprise Gift!


Most of you already know I’m all about working from home and helping others to do the same. Working from home has many advantages and disadvantages.

However, advantages upbeat disadvantages and what happened to me a few days ago clearly proves it. I simply could not imagine or think of a nicer Christmas surprise gift then the one I got from a dear friend of mine: Fiona Watson.

And here is what I got from her:

Fiona's Christmas Gifts

Of course, Christmas tree ornaments immediately found their place on my Christmas tree! 🙂

Fiona's Christmas Gifts

Now, “What’s so special about these gifts?”, some might ask.

Plenty of things, but let’s just name the most important ones:

  1. Fiona is a person who I admire and respect so much. Getting a surprise gift from her makes this gift, well, very special.
  2. Fiona just started a work from home business, and it takes strength and courage to do that.
  3. The gifts she sent me are awesome (They represent the kind of items she sells on her ETSY Store [Link to Fiona’s ETSY Store Figero Design ->])
  4. Some of the presents I got from her are decorated with my Photoshop brushes, so how could I be more proud and happy?
And here is a little preview of  Fiona’s ETSY shop:
Figero Designs ETSY Shop
And here is a little detail:
Silver Tone Adjustable Ring- Blue and Purple Mottled Design

So. What can I say? Way to go Fiona! You are doing a wonderful job and I am sure your work will be a success on ETSY, so hold on there, keep on doing the great job and a 2012. will be a year of success to you.

Love you all! I hope this post helped at least some of you will find  inspiration and encouragement for your own digital creative plans or projects. If you feel you should do it, just do it and next year will be the greatest year no matter what they say :))

Hugs&kisses everyone!

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